Hundred Season 2 Release Date 2017 Online

Hundred Season 2: I bet you like School and Superpower related Anime, in today’s article we will be discussing about one such popular anime show. The anime is Hundred which is written by Jun Misaki a very popular Manga artist and writer as well. In this anime Savage aliens attack earth while humanity is at loss, but soon new weapons called Hundred is found. This weapon can be used by Humans with high stability to kill Savage aliens without any problems.

The MC Hayato Kisaragi gains highest stability to wield Hundred weapon which gains him special attention and leads him on a path of saving earth. This anime show has been aired for 12 episodes for the Season 1 with 24 minutes per episode duration time.

Hundred Season 2 Release Date 2017 Online

In this post I am going to discuss the story about the recent Hundred season 1, at the same time we will learn about Season 2 as well. We will also learn about the Hundred season 2 story, release date, characters and more also.

Hundred Anime Story Till Season 1 – Hundred Season 2 Story Review and Characters 2017

The Season 1 of this anime has been tremendous because of the story which is pretty much intense, filled with drama as well. The main character of the anime is Hayato Kisaragi who once saved a girl from earth attacking aliens, by sucking the poison from her body. But due to the after effects of the poison he gained high stability for the Hundred weapon.

Hundred is a weapon that can be used to kill earth attacking aliens easily by Humans who use their weapons to kill the aliens. In this story Hayato Kisaragi gains high stability for using Hundred weapon which gives his high power to kill these aliens. He also has a little sister who is handicapped and he has to take care of her while saving earth from aliens. The season 1 was all about him finding new friends, allies at the same time he grows powerful while learning to control his powers.

Where To Watch Hundred Season 2 Online – How To Stream Hundred Season 2

So the main question which still rounds through my mind is that where can I find to stream and watch the Hundred season 2 anime online. To be frank there are millions of anime fans who are really wondering about this question which seems true, and the answer is quite simple.

Hundred Anime season 2 will be streamed and aired on Crunchroll and Funimation streaming services. So if you are wondering where to watch this show then you can always get on both the services and stream even the season 1 right away.

Hundred Season 2 Release Date 2017 – Hundred Season 2 Air Date Online 2017

Well Hundred Anime has become very famous through the year because it is based on School and Superpowers genre.  So we all loved to stream and watch this anime, but the question still remains that will there be a next season? My answer is that Hundred Season 2 release date is not predictable because the season 1 has recently ended.

The Hundred season 1 aired from April 5, 2016 to June 20, 2016. So we are guessing that the second season will be aired in the year 2018 from April month precisely.


Hundred Anime is one of the latest and famous anime shows that have gained popularity in no time because of such an awesome story. I loved this anime from the first episode itself and this is why I’ve written this post. Though this post you have learned more about Hundred season 2 release date 2017, story and more details.

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