Koi To Uso Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018

Koi To Uso Season 2: The main theme of the anime is based on the system where all the people are already destined to meet and marry their selected partners. In this system the people are selected as per your qualification and features to give birth to children who have better qualities. This anime is based on the system where people are forced to love and marry the selected ones which some people dislike and do not follow. I have seen the whole season and the ending was really twisting and got me in tangled feelings as well.

So I thought that there would be many fans like me who are still waiting for the release of second season. So I decided to write this post about the Koi To Uso season 2 release date, story, characters and more. We will be discussing about the anime characters, story, plot along with the release date in this post itself.

Koi To Uso Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018

Koi To Uso Season 2 Story, News and More 2018

Koi To Uso season 1 was released in summer 2017 for 12 episodes that were 24 minutes long. The first season received good reviews and the sales were good which indicates that there will be a second season. The first season was aired from July 4 – September 19, 2017 in summer 2017 anime season.

So if we are talking about what is going to happen in the next season of Koi To Uso. Then I would say that the second season will focus more about the reason why Nisaka kissed Nejima in the end of episode 12. All the fans who have ever watched the whole anime might have the same question because it was never anticipated or never expected to happen as well. And we also want to know the person who cracked or leaked all the emails which might be the main content for second season if it happens. At the end if the second season is renewed it will be more about the relation between Nisaka and Nejima only.

Koi To Uso Season 2 Release Date:

We all know that Koi To Uso season 2 has not been released till date and it has not been confirmed as well. So the main reason why the second season it not renewed is because there is less source material to create the second season. At the same time some fans might wonder that there will not be a second season but you need to consider one thing that. The first season was released in 2017 and it is now 2018, so it has been only 5 months since the first season was released. It means that the production studio and producers will need time for creating the second season perfectly. But the light novel volumes that are present will be added up and new volumes will be released as well. So there are good chances that this show will be renewed during the 2018 year and the release date will be set in 2019. It is sad that this show might not be released in 2018 but if it is released so soon the story might not be finished well and the animation might be bad as well.

So if the Koi To Uso season 2 is confirmed then it will contain 12 episodes similar to the first season. Well the major reason is the lack of source material which makes it short but 12 episodes are enough for three months air date. The show will be released for a period of 3 months long while each episode will be 24 minutes long as well.


Let us end this article with good note that the Koi To Uso season 2 will be released in 2019 early. But it will not be released in 2018 since it has to be confirmed, production team needs time to make the animation perfect as well. But at the end of the day once we wait for 1 more year we will get Koi To Uso season 2 with another great storyline, perfect characters and more. So be ready for another season of Love and Lies in the upcoming year and we will update this post with new information in the mean time.

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