Little Witch Academia Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018

Little Witch Academia Season 2 Release Date: Little witch academia, its Japanese’s series which is created by Yoshinari and produced by trigger. The story will be very in very interesting that has a many different characters with their own abilities which makes the story line even more interesting.  The little witch academia takes place in the academy named Luna Nova Magical Academy, which is Prestigious School of young girls who will be trained to become the Witches.

The girl named Atsuko kagari enrolls at Luna nova magical academy, she was inspired by witch named Shiny Chariot become witch.  But in the training period in the magical academy coming from the non-magical background Atsuko struggles a lot and does her best. Her troubles and her worries get easy when she discovers the shiny Rod, which is not just a Rod that has a very power full magic relic left behind by chariot. In this article we will be discussing about the release date of Little witch academia season 2 along with the story as well.

Little Witch Academia Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018

Little Witch Academia Season 2 Story, Characters and More 2018

One of the best and the main themes in the franchise is will come to see is Akko will be trying to live up to shiny chariot’s ideals.  By living the magical life Akko wants to show the world that how beautiful the magical life is and who things will be in a wonder land. And the background element is expanded into plotline were magic is warning across the world. The secret to restoring the flow of magic lies within the forbidden Arcturus Forest, the secrete is sealed in inside magical local name the Grand Triskelion which is erected by the nine old witches, those nine old witch are like legendary founds in the Academy.

The magical key to  unseal  the lies in a sequences lies in seven magical words and in that special shiny Rod,  those reacts only when there is desire to spread the joy and happiness. And finally after the hurdle struggle when Akko gains the possession of the Rod, chariot tries to guide her on the path and restores the power of magic to the world. The Little witch academia season 2 story will continue where the first season stopped and in this second season we will see the girls learning more about magic and having fun as well.

Little Witch Academia Season 2 Release Date 2018

So it has already been confirmed that Little Witch Academia season 2 is going to be released very soon but release date is not announced. This anime show is produced by Netflix who has a habit of releasing shows in bulk which means they release at least two seasons for a single show. The director of this anime Yoshinari has said that he would like to do more than just two seasons in an interview. This confirms that the Little Witch Academia season 2 is confirmed. At the same time he also said he wants to do a spinoff series with Netflix in the future. Well let us forget about the Spinoff series but they have already confirmed season 2 which is under production now.

Netflix has a habit of releasing the second season after one year of gap and the first season was started on January 9, 2017. So I guess the show will be released after 2018 winter season since no announcement has been made regarding the show release date. Even the second season is going to contain 25 episodes because Netflix is consistent about episode list and there is enough source material for that amount of episodes as well.


Little Witch Academia season 2 release date may not have been announced till now but the show is already confirmed. The show is confirmed by Netflix and Director Yoshinari who have agreed to release second season with 25 episodes as well. We will update this article as soon as more information is announced regarding this anime show.



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