Narcos Season 3 Release Date, Trailer 2017

Narcos Season 3 Release Date: Have you ever heard about Pablo Escobar, this show Narcos is based on his life story where he embarks on his journey from smuggling TV, Gadgets to Drugs in across the globe. He was once named amongst the richest person in Colombia. Well this show was first released on August 28, 2015 and the season 1 consisted of 10 episodes. Later the season 2 was released in September 2, 2016 but the end was little abrupt to be frank. The Narcos season 2 ended with Escobar being killed on the top of a roof top.

If you ask me then Narcos TV show was one of the best one released last year with perfect characters and the show itself was amazing. But now since the season 2 has been ended fans are wondering when will be the Narcos Season 3 be released. In short Narcos has made a huge fan following by depicting the real life story of drug cartel Pablo Escobar and his growth in Colombia.

This show is not really hard to understand, the characters are well made so that the life of Pablo is brought to life perfectly. We can see Pablo going through buying trucks from cars to cartel drugs to become one of the world’s largest cocaine kingpin. In the season 1 itself we see that US has sent a DEA agent to Colombia, by the name Javier Pena a Mexican DEA. He was sent to capture Pablo Escobar and ultimately kill him which was the story of Narcos Season 2 last episode.

Narcos Season 3 Release Date, Trailer 2017

Narcos Season 3 Renewed By Netflix

Even though the Narcos season 2 was a good one, critics feared that it might find the same fate as of Marco Polo. It is so because Marco Polo was well received for the first two seasons, but ultimately the season 3 was cancelled due to budget and profit issues.

But if you are wondering that since Pablo Escobar has died in Narcos series, with the main character dead will the show be dead? This new should not amaze you since Netflix has banked huge on both the seasons of Narcos and they have renewed for season 3 as well. Now that Pablo is gone, this show might need some real big deal next time.

The season 3 will revolve with some new drug cartel kingpin might be from Colombia or there are some more in US as well. But we already have some information on who will be the big boss on the next season that is Cali Cartel. On an episode of Jimmy Kimmel, Pascal revealed that Cali Cartel were richer than Pablo. So it was a direct hint that the next season will be based on Cali Cartel who ruled not just over Colombia, but New York and whole of USA.

If you still don’t believe me that Narcos Season 3 will be released soon, then even Netflix Narcos Twitter account posted on 12th October, 2016 saying that “#Narcos has begun filming”.

Narcos Season 3 Release Date, Trailer 2017

Narcos Season 3 Trailer 2017

Narcos has finally been renewed for a season 3 on Netflix but wonder why it’s taking so long to release the trailer. Well Netflix released a Teaser which featured Rodriguez Orejuela, one of the four brother of Orejuela of Cali Cartel.


Narcos fans can now enjoy because it has been renewed for season 3 and it already begun filming, during the 2016 fourth quarter. So as to answer the main question, Narcos season 3 will be released in second half of 2017. But don’t worry because the Narcos 3 release date will be during 2017 only as said by Netflix itself.

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