Narcos Season 4 Release Date 2018 – Narcos 4 Story, Cast

Narcos Season 4 Release Date 2018: Narcos is one of the highest rated American crime drama based on Drug cartels featuring Pablo Escobar and Cali Cartel as the MC’s. It is an web series which has been released under the banner of Netflix for 3 seasons and it is likely that season 4 will be released soon.

The season 1 and 2 of Narcos was totally focused on the growth of Pablo Escobar from rages to riches, till his death on the rooftop. Both the seasons were pretty awesome and story was told in an epic manner which made the show get high ratings. The Narcos season 3 was based on Cali Cartel and their 4 godfathers who grew high after the death of Pablo Escobar.

In this article we will be discussing about the Narcos season 4 release date, cast, crew and characters in the first half of our post. Then we will reveal Narcos season 4 premier date, streaming options and finally the release date as well. So please take your time to read about season 4 cast and the script on which this action and crime drama will be based on.

Narcos Season 4 Cast And Characters 2017 – Narcos Season 4 Story/Script

Well the Narcos season 3 cast went on without Pablo Escobar who was the real king of Drug cartel, he was killed and thus the character of Pablo Escobar was not around in Season 3. Since we already know that season 3 is based on Cali Cartel which was one of the rivals of Pablo Escobar. The theme of season 3 was based on Cali Cartel and their growth after the death of Pablo Escobar. The story might seem the same but Cali Cartel growth, their internal issues and fight with DEA agents is epic.

Narcos Season 4 Release Date 2018 – Narcos 4 Story, Cast

The Narcos season 4 story has not been released but the rumors has it that it will be based on now imprisoned Mexican kingpin Joaquin Guzman, aka El Chapo. The story of El Chapo is quite awesome and Netflix should consider him as the main character. We will update this article with script, crew, cast and story once they have been released by Netflix.

Narcos Season 4 Epsiodes 1 – 10 List – Narcos Season 4 Watch Online

It is well known that the every season of Narcos has 10 episodes each which have a run time of around 43 – 60 minutes. So if you are wondering about how many number of episodes will be in the season 4, then it will be only 10. So this question is quite truly answered and Netflix has been staunch about the series episodes runtime and length for a long time. So we can ensure that the Narcos season 4 will have 10 episodes as well which will bring the crime and action drama back to your screens.

In the upcoming article we will also be discussing on where you can find and watch Narcos season online directly without any other services. But to be precise Narcos TV series is produced and streamed across Netflix streaming service which makes it the only legit site to watch and stream this series. So we can use Netflix service to stream Narcos season 4 episode 1 – 10 online either on your desktop or mobile platform.

Narcos Season 4 Release Date 2018 – Watch Narcos Season 4 Premier Online

So coming on to the main part of our article is to know when will the Narcos Season 4 be released, and I guess most of you already know the time. The Narcos season 1 was released on August 28, 2015 while the Narcos season 2 was released on September 2, 2016 and the third season of Narcos was released on September 1, 2017.

So after reviewing all the previous season release dates, we can predict that the Narcos season 4 will be released either in August or September month of 2018. But we are not sure about the Narcos season 4 premier date which may fall anywhere during the August or September month of 2018.


Thank you for reading this article about Narcos season 4 release date along with the series new storyline, cast, crew and characters as well. We will soon be updating this article with new news, information regarding this series.

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