No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date 2018

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date: No game no life is a well known anime that is known for its comedy storyline and perfect combination of gaming siblings. The No game no life season 1 aired during 2014 and recently news about their new film has been released. This anime was received with raving reviews all over country of Japan during its air season. And later the whole world could enjoy the comedy of gaming siblings through Crunchyroll streaming service.

No Game No Life Manga was written by Yu Kamiya along with the illustrator for this anime who is Mashiro Hiiragi. Manga went on sale or on market from January 27, 2013 with just 1 volume being released till now but the amount fans increased every now and then. But before that during 2012 the Light novel was released consisting of 9 volumes till now. Soon this was adapted as an anime show by Madhouse Studio which has pretty good fame and respect over the globe. This studio also created the anime One Punch Man which is considered as one of the finest comedy and action anime of all time. Well getting on to the main topic here, No Game No Life ended pretty well in the season 1 but fans needed more. In the first half of 2017 news about the film based on the anime was released and announcement was made during March, 2017.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date 2018

No Game No Life Season 2 Story, Characters, Plot and More 2018

Well the Season 1 of this show ended with pretty good base where the siblings are the best gamers in the world. Even though they see this whole world just as another crappy game, they have found their new world where gaming is everything. Soon they start to defeat different races and bring the sixteen races together with the plan of defeating Tets. In this world of gaming Tets is the god and all wars are decided by playing high stake games. They want to defeat him and become the new gods of this world. We have not seen them defeat Tets which we will see surely in the season 2.

No Game No Life Second Season Cancellation Rumors?

Well it is true that there have been many rumors and news about cancellation of second season of this show but none of them were from correct sources. At the end of the day all the rumors that were spread were based on false claims that were not supported by both the Production Company and writers as well. Even after the false rumors were spread, the writers announced a new film in this anime franchise that would be released in 2017. So I guess there are no issues with the legal or copyright problems and we can also expect season two now.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date 2018

Before the Season 2 the No Game No Life film will be released either at the end of 2017 or at fall 2018. So we can predict that the season 2 will be released during the winter or summer of 2018 for sure. But we are not sure about the exact release date or count of episodes as well.


No Game NO Life is a surreal comedy about two gamers who are actually siblings and are among the best of all. They are taken in the game world of high stake gaming where Tet is the god and they take on the challenge t  defeat him to become the new gods of the world. Join them in their adventure as they defeat others, help and get to know each other better than before. You can bookmark this webpage to know more news and details about No Game No Life Season 2 release date.

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