Overlord Season 3 Release Date, Story 2018

Overlord Season 3 Release Date: Overlord is a popular game and Manga in Japan which has been adapted as anime for two seasons till now. This anime is based on the genre stuck in game, where the main character Momonga is stuck in the game Yggdrasil that was about to be closed. Now he has to fight his way and find out who closed the game and made him stuck inside this gaming world.

In this very article we will be going to discuss some of the detailed stuff about when is Overlord season 3 release date is going to be scheduled for. At the same time we will focus on what will happen in the third season and is it going to be the finale season for this anime? There are many speculation about the anime which is going on and today we will discuss and strike of all the rumors that make no sense as well.

Overlord Season 3 Release Date, Story 2018

Overlord Season 3 Anime Story, Characters And More 2018

So the last two seasons of Overlord has been about the main character that is now stuck in the game and has to fight off other players to be on the top. But his quest is not just to be on the top but also to find out who has made the game stuck in such a way that no character can go back to real life. In the first season we were given glimpse of other players and how powerful the main character is.

The second season was pretty much the same but this time we could see the main character interacting more with other players and team mates to protect his kingdom and castle as well. But none of the evil doers who caused the game to be stuck was found. So the Overlord season 3 anime will focus more on brining the humans back to life and closing the game for good as well. But we have to wait and see how things will turn in the third season of this anime.

Overlord Season 3 Release Date 2018 – How To Watch Overlord Season 3 Dubbed Subbed Online

So all the fans that are wondering about the Overlord season 3 release date can now rest assured because this anime is surely going to have the third season. The first two seasons which were released both had 13 episodes as well. So the third season of Overlord will also have 13 episodes since there is enough source material for the third season to be created.

Now coming on to the main part about the Overlord season 3 anime release date which is not yet announced or confirmed as well. But most of the times the anime takes 1 year to produce since the second season were released from January to April 2018. Then the third season will be released in summer 2019 anime season but still no exact release date is announced.

If the third season of this anime is released then fans who live in foreign countries will want to watch the anime is subbed or dubbed version very soon. The Overlord season 3 dubbed episodes will not be released soon but they will be released 2 weeks after the release of subbed episodes. The Overlord season 3 sub episodes will be released just after 1 or 2 days of the original episode air date in Japan. Overlord season 3 anime will be made online so that fans can watch the show any time they like. This show will be released on different streaming services which include Funimation and Crunchyroll as well.


So friends all those fans that are wondering when the next season of Overlord will be released can rest assured for enough now.  The Overlord season 3 release date will be during Summer of 2019, during the December we are expecting this anime to be released. So the third season in the anime will also have 13 episodes and to be precise it is going to be awesome as always. Make sure to bookmark this webpage since we will be updating more information regarding the Overlord season 3 anime.

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