How To Remove Spigot Malware From MAC And Windows OS

Remove Spigot Malware: Malware and Adware issues have increased a lot in the recent time and believe me it’s best to avoid such malware. So, today we are going to discuss about how to remove Spigot Malware from your MAC and Windows desktop computer.

Spigot is primarily an adware company which has been the reason behind spreading of different malware and adware in the recent times. Some users have complained that CNET and Softonic have been spreading Spigot Malware through bundle of MAC application and sometimes with Windows software as well.

I know these two online freeware sites are really good but spreading of Spigot Malware has been an insane work done by them. It could have been shared unwillingly but there have been hundreds and thousands of users who have download this app with the malware included.

How To Remove Spigot Malware From MAC And Windows OS

So the effective thing to do is to remove Spigot Malware from the MAC computer itself and this can be done quickly by following the below steps.

How To Remove Spigot Malware From MAC OS X And Windows OS

Now we will be getting into main guide where we will discuss and train ourselves to get rid of this Spigot Malware, by just removing it directly. But this guide is not just for MAC desktop and it can also be followed for MACBook Pro and Air laptop versions too.

Note For Windows Users: Spigot Malware can also affect Windows OS, so even Windows desktop and laptop users can follow the below steps as they are same for both computers OS.

Delete Spigot Browser Extensions

Now open all your browsers one by one and uninstall any unknown or unwanted browser extensions directly:

Delete Spigot Browser Extensions
  • This can be done directly by opening your Web Browser such as Firefox
  • After that go to Addons, click on Installed Extensions and check for unwanted extensions
  • Remove any unwanted addons and browser extensions
  • After that do a quick reboot of your browser

Well this was the first and primary step to be followed to remove Spigot Malware from your MAC or Windows compute.

Uninstall Recently Installed Apps from Control Panel

Well both Windows and MAC computers have control panel where users can uninstall apps directly. Most of you know this, but what we are going to do is simply check for recently installed apps and check if some apps were installed without information. Mark such apps and then also check for apps that you never wanted to install but they are still on the installed apps list.

Uninstall Recently Installed Apps from Control Panel
  • So once you are done marking the apps to be installed
  • Click on the apps one by one and start uninstalling them
  • Once done, I advise you to reboot your computer once and it will start working fine from now


Now you will be able to remove and uninstall Spigot Malware from MAC desktop and Windows computer as well. I know this malware has been causing a lot of problem in the past but now you can get rid of it by removing Spigot Malware by using this guide.

I will appreciate your feedback if this guide was of any help to you and still if you face any issues, then we will answer those questions as well.

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