How to Reset Safari Browser on Mac

How to Reset Safari on Mac: Safari is the default browser on Mac OS X and it is the easy to work on browser on this OS. It has very good interface and also load the content fast. It may happen that by downloading any apps or software you have got the ads on your browser. Even your default browser may changes to something and will prompt to use. This will not be convenient as it was at the first. So to avoid this situation we need to reset the browser. Once you reset safari browser it will again be looking like as first but ill forget all password and logins. There are options to clean only cache and history, by remembering the passwords. So stay connected with this article and you will know how to Reset Safari Browser on Mac.

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How to Reset Safari Browser on Mac

Reset Safari Browser on Mac:

Let’s start our process to reset the Safari Browser on Mac, if you’re expressing some changes in your browser. Make sure you follow each step correctly and reset your safari browser properly.

  • First let’s start with the history menu from Settings
  • On this menu you can find the Clear History and Website Data option
  • Click on it and then you can view clean history menu
  • Click on it to clean all history from your browser
  • Reset-Safari-Browser-on-Mac

      How to Reset Safari Browser on Mac
  • Check on only the options that you want to delete
  • Don’t Check on Password and names if you have logged into some accounts
  • This will clean the Cache and History saved by the Safari browser
  • Now Find the Reset button to reset safari browser on Mac
  • Once you click on Reset, quit the Windows and again restart it
  • As this option will not show any successfully command

That’s it! Reset Safari Browser on Mac has been done by following the above commands. make sure while you click on Reset option as it will completely remove entire data from your device and will give a clean safari browser. As it was use to be at the starting.

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I hope that you have successfully reset the safari browser in your Mac device and now you can use the browser as it was. This will remove the add-ons or any ads which were prompting you to open the windows. If you have any queried in this article, ask me in the below comment box.

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