How to Retrieve Forgotten Xbox Live Password 2017

Forgotten Xbox Live Password: Xbox gaming console are a huge part of Microsoft and believe me millions of consoles sell every week. Now coming to the main topic of our post, here if you own an Xbox one or Xbox 360 console then you might require Xbox Live.

Well Xbox Live is the Microsoft and Xbox membership and any Xbox console users can register their free account. It is another thing that under Xbox Live we also have gold membership which can be bought for early access and more discount on gaming products. But in order to log into your Xbox Live account you need to make use of your Microsoft Account.

Since Xbox is owned by Microsoft, you don’t need to have different accounts for each service. You can link your Microsoft account and login to your Xbox Live account with the same details. So, now coming onto the question if you have forgotten Xbox Live password, then it might get you locked out of your console right away. Since you cannot log in back, you will have to retrieve forgot Xbox live email password.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Xbox Live Password 2017

If you know the email address that was associated with your Xbox Live account then retrieving the password will be an easy thing. But if you forgot Xbox email but know gamertag, then it might be a little tricky but possible to get the account back.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Xbox Live Password – Forgot Xbox Live Email but know gamertag

Since we know that Xbox account details are the same as that of Microsoft account, then we have to retrieve Microsoft account password now. So, we can consider that if you forgot your Microsoft account username that might not be a problem.

Just open your Xbox console and then go to login, where you will be asked to enter your password. At that page, you can view your email address which is your Xbox Live and Microsoft account email address.

Since you have known the email address and Microsoft account username, we can now continue to change the account password.

  • First thing we need to do is to open your web browser from desktop or phone
  • Then go to Microsoft account login page, which can be accessed from here
  • Now enter the email address or phone or skype name in the next page and click on “Next
  • After that click on “Forgot my password” button and select “I forgot password” option and click on next button again
How to Retrieve Forgotten Xbox Live Password
  • Then you are asked to enter your Microsoft account name and then enter Captcha below, and click next
Forgot Xbox Live Email but know gamertag
  • Now select any of the verification options and click on next, then enter the code received
  • Once done you will be sent to password change page, where you change the account password!

We have now changed your Microsoft account password and through which you’ve also changed your Xbox Live account password.


Finally now you have changed the forgotten Xbox live password, so go on and log in with the new details on your Xbox one console.  Once you log in with the new details, you can start using your gaming console right away with any problem.

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