How To Rotate A Video On iPhone And Android 2017

How To Rotate A Video On iPhone: In this world of Smartphone there are plenty of videos and films that can be downloaded and viewed for entertainment purpose. Well sometimes these videos might not be aligned perfectly the way you want them to be in. It means that the video you want to watch on iPhone or Android might be out of orientation. This problem is caused because some of these videos are turned sideways or filmed sideways due to certain reasons which are not a big problem.

Not just official videos but sometimes you might have captured videos from sideways using your iPhone camera which has to be viewed in sideways. Capturing such videos is really a waste of time, because we can see two black bars up and down the screen which not only causes annoyance but causes waste of time. But don’t worry because we have the finest way in which you can solve this problem of how to rotate video on iPhone and Android.

In this article I will be going to share how to convert a vertically aligned video to Horizontal position from your phone itself. You will also be able to learn how to flip a video upside down so as to watch the video as per your comfort and preference.

How To Rotate A Video On iPhone 6S Plus iPhone 7 2017

First we are going to learn how to rotate a video sideways on iPhone 6S and 7 using the photos app itself. Most of the people use iMovie app or other but I prefer this method because it is simple and does not require any external app.

How To Rotate A Video On iPhone And Android 2017
  • First select the video you want to rotate and then open it using the Photos App
  • Next you have to click on the Edit Button to the top right corner
  • Next click on the More button which will activate the more options extension
  • Select the RotateNFlip extension and click on rotate button
  • In this way you will be able to rotate a video in sideways and horizontal as well!

How To Rotate A Video On Android OS Phone – Rotate A Video Sideways

I have been Android users for so long but it still haunts me the problem, whenever the video is facing sideways. Let me show you how you can turn a video 90 degrees on Android, which means rotating a video in horizontal if it is in vertical and vice versa.

How To Rotate A Video On iPhone And Android 2017
  • Open the video from Gallery and then click on “Edit” button in Pencil icon
  • After that you can view that Rotate option is available on the bottom
  • Just click on the Rotate button and then save it by clicking on “Save” on top right corner
  • Simply you have now rotated a video from vertical to horizontal on Android platform!


Whenever we try to watch Movies or other videos there comes a point when the video isn’t aligned as per our preference. So after reading this guide you will be able to learn how to rotate a video on iPhone 7 and on Android as well. In this way you will be able to watch the video on your iPhone or Android phone in a preferred orientation.

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