How to scan on a Mac OS X 2017

How to scan on a Mac: Apple has got the application which enables the scanning feature to its devices. It just needs to add the scanner or multifunction printer to be installed and the scan using the image or preview capture applications. Mac has been getting best applications for its users and today we will be discussing one of them. In this tutorial you will come to know about How to Scan on Mac device using the installed printers. Make sure you don’t miss the points so that you can easily learn how to scan.

If you are wondering why would it be required to scan documents, then my answer is quite simple it is so because we want to save soft copies of all files, documents and pictures for future purpose. We don’t just scan files and pictures for safe guarding but we can also send soft copies from online to others via Email and other services.

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Scan on a Mac using Your Printer:

Follow the below given sequel and then you will learn how to scan on a Mac using a printer or preview scanner.

How to scan on a Mac
How to scan on a Mac
  • Firstly connect your multifunction printer or preview scanner to Mac device
  • You can do this using the USB cable or connecting it using the Wi-Fi
  • Make sure both the printer and Mac device are connected to one printer
  • Using either of the way check that the printer is connected to your device
  • Go to setting then to Printer & Scanner and check the connected device
  • Now click on the connected respective printer that you’re using
  • Click on Apple icon at top left and here select System Preference
  • Choose the Printer and Fax from the hardware menu
  • You computer will add the printer or you can do it manually
  • Click on + button and then prompt to recognize the printer or preview scanner
  • Once the Printer is ready, Place the scanning item on its scanning bed
  • Open the Application which was installed on Mac automatically

Using Preview Option to Scan:

Here use one option as Preview, Image Capture, and Scanner icon from the list

How to scan on a Mac
How to scan on a Mac OS X
  • Click on File option from Import from Scanner options
  • Using Image Capture option to scan:
  • If the picture is on Desktop then Use Preview option
  • In this option double click on Application in your desktop
  • Or open the application folder to open the image capture app

Using Scanner or Multifunction Printer:

If using wireless devices like camera or any shared devices use Image Capture

  • Here simply click on scanner from top right
  • Wait for the page to get loaded and it’s done
  • If you have installed or connected printer then use the Scanners Icon
  • Now click on Scan option and wait to get the scanner adjust option
  • Check the options from the list and then select them to adjust your page
  • Set the required fields and then click on to Scan

That’s it! You paper or object that needs to scan is ready now and the preview of that will be saved on your device. Now save the file and then select it to add in your documents folder.


I hope you have got how to scan on a Mac using predefined printer or preview scanner. Make sure you follow the steps correctly and get your work. Also it will be easy if you go on to use them and you won’t require much assistance like this. If you have any doubt you can ask me in comment box.

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