Seiren Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Story 2018

Seiren Season 2 Release Date:  This anime is a story about a young high school student Shouichi Kamita who is always concerned about his future life and college entrance exam as well. During his school life he meets three girls out of them he thinks that he has a chance to have a good future with. So the lead Kamita goes on a mission to date the three girls and find out of which is the best one suited for a good future with him. All the female leads have different natures and our lead has to deal with all of them one by one.

This anime deals with three female leads such that the lead gets to have 4 episodes with each female lead in the story. The season 1 of this show had 12 episodes out of which each female lead will get 4 episodes so that viewers can know their behavior, nature and more as well. So the anime season 2 is going to be more about their real life situations where the hero and female would go on outdoor dates and much more. Since no news about the Seiren season 2 is released till now we are expecting that the same three female leads will be in the second season as well.

Seiren Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Story 2018

Anime Release Date And Status

  • Season 1: Released
  • Season 1 Episodes: 12 Episodes
  • Season 2 Release Date: Not Announced
  • Season 2 Renewed: Not Renewed Till Now
  • Season 2 Episodes: Not Listed but will have 12 Episodes as well

What is Seiren Season 2 Release Date? – Is Seiren Season 2 Confirmed?

Well before you go and ask me the same question you need to know that Seiren season 2 is not yet confirmed so it has not been announced yet. We all know that this show is also based on the data gaming which many of you might have played. So the first season set of events was related to group of girls and how the lead would please them in the anime through friendship, dating and romance as well. When I had a look at the Manga and the light novel content we can confirm that there is enough material which can be used to make the second season. Well some users might say that the first season was enough with those characters and they might not bring the show back.

But it is false because the lead character only had few episodes with every single female lead in the season 1 which was pretty less. Most of the other anime shows focus on a single major lead and female lead but here we have to consider the other female leads as well. The production company also knows that if they were to make the second season they already have more than usable content for next season. Since the studio which produced this show is busy with other projects we think that the second season may be released at end of 2018. But if it is not released by summer 2018 then the show will surely get a release date during fall or winter 2019 season. It might take some time for the studio to mliake the whole anime from scratch since they left the project a year ago.

The Seiren anime fans should be happy because this show will have second season announced in some months from now. At the same time even the second season is going to have 13 episodes but if there is more content then they might make it 24 episodes at most. But we are not certain about the episode list but we can be sure that there will be at least 13 episodes in the second season.

Thank You and Final Words about Seiren Season 2:

Seiren anime fans might be unhappy at this time because this show is not announced till date which makes me unhappy as well. But from the company point of view this show had a great season 1 which made sure that there will be a second season for sure but not right now. So we will be ready to update this article about the Seiren season 2 anime release date and news once it is announced online.

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