Shirobako Season 2 Release Date 2018

Shirobako Season 2 Release Date: This anime has the theme of internal working of a anime studio and how things go in the production of anime as well. The anime main character is Aoi Miyamori who is the assistant producer at one of the famous anime studio in the town. The anime studio is called by the name Musashino Animations where there are many writers, illustrators and Manga artist working to make anime come alive. But this show did not just tend to focus on her alone but also show different character who on her friends. Some of friends are from anime creation world while some are normal people but out of all we get to see more of animator, Voice actress and also a script writer.

The first season of Shirobako was released in October 2014 which users can still stream through Crunchyroll from online. Later the Sentai Filmworks studio made it possible and licensed the show to be released in North America in dubbed version. During the Tokyo Award Festival held in 2016 there was said it this show has chances for second season to be released in the upcoming years. But there were reports in 2017 that the main website was down due to new anime announcement update process which was false to be precise. So fans are still waiting for the second season of this anime to be released in very short span of time because the first season was released in 2014. And this year is 2018 where many anime shows are getting second season and we hope this show gets one too.

Shirobako Season 2 Release Date 2018

Shirobako Season 2 Anime Story, Characters and more

Well the first season of this anime started with 5 school friends pledging to become notable members in the anime society but after some years most of them are halted. While the main character Aoi becomes huge with her job in the animation studio and the life goes on for 5 friends who still fight to become huge in the anime world. This anime clearly depicts how heard can anime writer, illustrator and other jobs can be in anime world of production.

The Shirobako season 2 will also deal with the same process of how things go for all these 5 friends while some find success at the same time some find how hard their life can be. But don’t worry because the second season will be more and much better with joy, friendship and success as well. Well only the five important characters from season 1 will continue in the second season as well.

Shirobako Season 2 Release Date 2018

Well in simple worlds I would say that Shirobako season 2 release date is not set or announced till now which is something to be concerned about. It is so because the show might have enough source material for creating second season but if the production company does not make it then it won’t come back. Since the first season was a huge hit which earned them huge fan base and money as well. It is correct to assume that the second season will be released very soon but not now.


Shirobako season 2 release date may not have been set by the production company till now but fans are still waiting for second season to be announced. So with good source content and many fans it is sure that this show will get a second season.

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