How To Sign Out Of Google Play Account On Android 2017

Sing Out of Google Play:  Google Play Store is an Android market place where we can find lots of games, apps and entertainment media to download as well. Google Play app and online market place are available for all Android users to download games and apps of their liking. In order to proceed further and download the apps we like and save our progress, Google requires us to login with our Gmail. So, basically we use our Google Mail to log into Google Play, similar to how YouTube works. In this our account will keep our game, app progress and at the same time we can even add payment method too.

Once you have used your Gmail to login to Google Play you can proceed to install new games, apps as you like. Some time when users change their main mail they want to sign out of Google Play and use their newly created Gmail. This is required as we no longer have to use the old Gmail or it is being deleted for some reason. But whatever may be your reason, you will have to log out of the Google Play first of all.

But some users have complained that they cannot log out of Google Play account directly on Android OS and online as well. It is really simple to sign out of Google Play service account, but sometimes the app might be crashed and so you cannot log out. In this guide I will be sharing some methods which will help you Sign out of Google account easily.

How To Sign Out Of Google Play Account On Android 2017

Method 1 – Try to log out of Google Account

Most of you might not know how to log out of Google Play account, so follow the below instruction will show you how to do it.

  • First you have to open your Google Play Store app from Android phone
  • Then click on the menu button and select accounts
  • Under which you will find your Gmail signed in, click on Log Out button now
  • This will log out of your Google Play account easily!

Most of the times this method is what works the best, because it is simple but if it doesn’t work then there are few more methods to try.

Method 2 – Log out from Google Play account from settings

We will be trying to remove your logged Gmail account from Google Play directly from settings option. Well you can read it in the below steps:

Sign Out Of Google Play Account On Android OS
  • So first open your Android phone and go to settings
  • Then go to Accounts > Google and select your account from list of Google accounts
  • Next select the Gmail account and click on “Remove Account” option
  • Once you click on the remove button, your account is removed!

This will surely log out your Google Play account in no time and to be frank this should work at the least indeed.

Method 3 – Clear Google Play Store Cache and Delete Data

So if you own a Samsung device, this the method to remove Cache and Data will reset the Google Play Store account completely. Once it is done, you c an open the Google Play app once again and log in with your new Gmail account.

  • Go to settings > Applications and select All Applications
  • Then select Google Play account and continue
  • Next click on “Clear Cache” and “Delete Data” options


And this is how you can simply sign out of Google Play Account in no time and I am sure you will successfully be logged out of the account. If you have any confusion or doubt regarding the guide then let us it known in comments section.

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