Solve Ntkrnlmp.exe Error On Windows 10, 7, 8 OS

Ntkrnlmp.exe Error: Windows Microsoft 2012 version has an IOS image where we can find Ntkrnlmp.exe file located. This Exe is a part of the Windows Microsoft operating system 2012 version model and many users have the same mode on their PC running.

Some users have complained that their computer shows Blue screen of death when they try to log in like normally. And some of the times the computer restarts automatically which is really annoying and thing to be concerned about.  The present error that we are discussing is said to be caused by Ntkrnlmp.exe on the Windows OS.

Solve Ntkrnlmp.exe Error On Windows 10, 7, 8 OS

Ntkrnlmp.exe Error On Windows 10 – Solve Ntkrnlmp.exe Windows 8 BSOD Messages

So, if you are running any Windows 7 service packs then you might encounter this error probably someday. And your computer might restart or crash at the same time with some BSOD message as well. Now if you want to know more, then the file we are discussing about is one of the major exe files on the Windows. The Ntkrnlmp.exe contains numerous low level internals and the cause for crash might be due to corrupted data or files.

Most of the times the crash occurs when you have a bad data but at most the reason behind it would be simply software crash only. It might also result due to usage of outdated Windows OS, so I advise you to either update or get a new licensed Windows OS

How To Solve Ntkrnlmp.exe Error On Windows 7 8 10 – Fix Ntkrnlmp.exe Error Code

You might really be puzzled after going through frequent crashes which are due to Ntkrnlmp.exe file missing or corrupted. Next some of you might try to use WHOCRASHED application to find out the problem behind the crash but there would be different error codes shows. Yes, you won’t find that the Blue screen of death is surely caused by the corrupted Ntkrnlmp.exe file.

Method – 1

We are simply going to download a new Ntkrnlmp.exe file that is not corrupted and replace the corrupted one. So, follow the below instructions carefully:

Note: I would advise you to make a backup of the previous Ntkrnlmp.exe file before beginning

  • Firstly you have to click on this link, which will take you to Ntkrnlmp.exe download page
  • Now go to the bottom of the and select the Windows OS, then click on download button
  • Once you have saved the exe file, copy and replace it with the previous one!

Method – 2

Well the above method should surely work, but if it does not work then you can simply follow the next one below. We are going to update the drivers from the control panel which I will show you below.

How To Solve Ntkrnlmp.exe Error On Windows 7 8 10
  • You have to right click on the Start button and then select “Control Panel”
  • After that go to “Hardware and Sound” settings and select “Device Manager” option
  • Now you can update all the device drivers and solve the issue

As you already have an idea on how to update a driver, then you have to update all the drivers from the Device Manager. Simply update drivers one by one and once done, do a quick reboot which should solve the problem.


Now as we have filed the error caused by the corrupted exe file by the name, Ntkrnlmp.exe has been fixed. Restart your computer and after the reboot your computer would be working fine with no more BSOD messages to popup again.

If you have any more problems or errors to talk about then, post them below and we will reach out to you.

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