Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date, News and More

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3: It has been a long time since the Tokyo ghoul season 2 and the season 1 were released and now it’s time for season 3 to come. But don’t you think it has been a long time since the last season came and now it’s getting pretty late for the season 3 to arrive.  Anime these days have become a fine entertainment for not just young but for people of all ages and there are some series that make attached for upcoming anime. And one such anime is Tokyo Ghoul which has attracted a huge popularity with such a vigilant theme that takes place in this era of Tokyo.

If we are being sure that I guess the manga is itself has enough chapters that can help create another season of Tokyo ghoul but there might be some other issues which are not backing this season up. Now let us recall that the season 1 of Tokyo ghoul was released during 2014 and the second season during 2015.  Both the season 1 and 2 had 12 episodes each which seemed pretty set tight for an anime adaptation of a manga with such fewer chapters indeed.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date, News and More

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Episodes List

Now if we are considering for the fact that Tokyo ghoul season 3 will soon be released then it might be good enough to know how many episodes this season will have. Well it is a pretty promising show with a teen protagonist who is now aiming to protect the ones he loves with his gang. And with this awesome theme I am sure even this season will have at least 12 episodes. As a matter of fact there could be also due date for release of some season 3 OVA’s and Specials that will make fans like me really happy.

12 episodes might not seem much but the weekly gap between each episode is surely going to stir the things up. There have been some fans who were wondering the season 2 was not the finest when compared to season 1 and this might be the reason why the team is taking some time to stir the production to the best. Tokyo ghoul production team not only has to prepare for manga chapters, live action movie and as well for the unannounced season 3 as well.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 Release Date

I have kept the important part of this topic for the last which is to discuss about the season 3 release date. I am pretty sure most of you are aware of the live action movie based on Tokyo ghoul which is set to be released on July, 29. I don’t have a comment the move yet, but hope they don’t make it worse like the Death note movies which were really bad. Coming onto the main topic here, since the production team of Tokyo ghoul is also taking part in the release of live action movie this year. Then all we can say it is that the season 3 is not soon to be released anywhere near 2017.


But we are hoping for sure that once the movie is released, things might get pumped because there would be more contribution to the production team of Tokyo ghoul. In this way the season 3 production can be hiked and it might be released somewhere in 2018 for sure.

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