Vampire Knight Season 3 Release Date Online 2018

Vampire Knight Season 3: Vampire Knight soon became a famous anime show because the Shoujo genre with vampire mystery really was awesome. This story is about the cross academy where the night class and day class students are present. Here the day class students are normal humans and the night class students are vampires. This show will be about the main character Zero Kiryuu who was a human once but is now turning into a vampire. He has his childhood friend and house mate CrossYuuki who is a normal human. And above all the pure blood vampire KanameKuran who orders the night class and wants to turn Zero into a weapon. We will have to see how things turn between them and will zero turn into a vampire or not.

This show is released for two seasons already for 13 episodes each and has received great reviews over the globe. The season 1 was released in 2008 and the season 2 in the same year but at summer season, while season 1 in spring. Now we are in the talks whether the third season will happen or not because it’s been 9 years since the release of this anime.

If you hear people saying that season 3 is already released and it is named VK Destiny then don’t bother. It is so because the third season we are talking about is fan made and you might not like it because it is so wrong in every sense it is made. As a true Vampire knight series fan I would love to know when the next real season will be released and enjoy watching the same all day long. So this article is dedicated to answering whether this show will have another season that fans are still eagerly waiting for and more details will be discussed below.

Vampire Knight Season 3 Release Date Online 2018

News about Vampire Knight Season Story, Cast, Characters and More 2018

Well we have seen at the end of the season 2 that Yuuki follows Kaname when the things between her and zero turn wide. So I believe that the third season will show much wide deeper relationship between the main characters Zero who turns into a vampire now. But will things go back to normal because if the third season were to happen then Zero will meet Yuuki now as a dear friend of Kaname.  But it was never shown that zero will turn into a blood sucking demon but the season 3 might show some changes. At the same time when he is becoming some sort of demon, Yuuki will enter back into his life and might be helpful to him. But as we all know that Kaname is not always found of Zero but will use him at all cost to remove other pure blood vampires from his rule.

Now as we all know how things went down in the season 2 that Kaname ordered the night class to be gone. So we will not see many characters from the previous season except for zero, yuuki and kaname. Season 2 ended pretty badly but things like this will help season 3 to get better.

What is Vampire Knight Season 3 Release Date 2018?

There have been no news that this show is going to come back which is said but there is enough Manga source material that can help to create the third season. And this is the reason alone why I think that the season 3 is going to happen.

Now when it comes to the streaming options we already know that this series is already under the Netflix and Crunchyroll sites. So now if you want to stream all the episodes of the season 3 once they are aired then you might have to use either of the two options. But I prefer using Netflix as it will give you wider subtitles options if you are not from Japan. I also prefer to use Crunchyroll streaming site because we can watch the Vampire knight season 3 episodes for free.


Vampire Knight is a mystery drama that got me on toes at every episode that I ever watched. I loved to watch both the seasons and that is why we are expecting for season 3. I hope Vampire Knight Season 3 release date might be soon released once more news is announced.

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