Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak Guide 2018

Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak: Hello guys welcome back to an another post on this awesome website and Today we will be discussing about one of the most asked question of this year. Well we are talking about the Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak issue which people have been talking all day on different forums. So I know that most of you have no idea why the term “Jailbreak” or “Jailbroken” is used along with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. But after reading this post you will clearly understand how to Jailbreak your Fire Stick easily.

Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak Guide 2018

Amazon released Fire TV Stick device which is a mobile device which can be connected to your TV to watch content like Movies, Videos, TV Shows and more from online easily. Well some people even call it remote Netflix device but that’s just what they say. But it only costs $39.99 from Amazon and this device has the option to jailbreak (Media software installation) which has increased its fan base. After it was released that you can Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick device, there has been a huge increase in the device sales and usage as well. And I guess you are one of the customers who got swayed by the market to buy this Fire Stick for your TV.

What Does “Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak” Means? – What Does it Do?

Well you might have this question that people have been using the world Jailbroken and Jailbreak with the Fire Stick device. But none of those guys would answer the real question on how can we use it in order to stream more content. So you cannot Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick device in real terms which I want to point out first. But what most of the people generally mean by Jailbreak with Fire Stick is that they can install new media based software on the Fire Stick. In short means we can install media server software like Kodi or any other on our Fire Stick.

So this process of installing new media server on our Fire Stick device is called as Jailbreaking. Some fans might mix it with the iPhone jailbreak thing but these two things are way different and do not resemble one another. The best part about Jailbreak Fire Stick device is that we do not have to follow any hacks or requires to any modification as well. All we have to do is install a new software directly by following the below guide which will jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick directly.

How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire TV Stick – Best Way To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick

I had a hard laugh when one of my friends told me that he actually jailbroke his Fire Stick device. But all he did was install Kodi on Fire Stick. And in the below steps I will show exactly how you can install Kodi software on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

  • Once you have connected your Fire Stick to TV then go to the settings option
  • Next from settings > enable ADB Debugging and > enable “Unknown Sources” for apps
  • Now you will have to save or note down your Fire Stick IP Address from Device > About > Network
  • Then go to Amazon app store and install the “ES File Explorer” app on the device
  • Open the ES File Explorer app and then click on “Tools” option and select “Download Manager” from the list
  • After that click on “New” from the screen bottom after clicking on right button from the remote
  • So in the download dialogue box you have to enter the download links as (“”. However, check to make sure this is the latest at”) and then you need to click on “Download Now” button at the end
Amazon Fire Stick Jailbreak Guide 2018
  • Let the download complete and once it is done click on the downloaded file by opening it from “Open File” option
  • Install the file by clicking on Install button and wait for the app to be installed completely
  • Finally you have now installed Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick without jailbreak actually!

At the end of the day if you are using Kodi then you also need to use a VPN to mask your IP Address for some issues. It is better to use VPN to mask your IP so that we can prevent any further misuse of the IP or personal information through it.


Now you have installed Kodi on Amazon Fire TV Stick by following this guide about the Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick process. I hope you have learned that this guide is not about real jailbreaking your Fire Stick device but it means just to install software on it. I hope that you will find this article helpful and if you have any other questions then please let us know them through the comments section below.

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