Android O Features, Release Date and more

Android O Review 2017: Google’s Android is no doubt the world’s largest leading operating system that has released the developer version of Android O recently. The recent Android version Nougat was released during 2016, now the Android O developer version is out so we can expect that we can have the real update very soon.

The reason why Google releases the developer version for Android OS every time is because developers can work on it and report for issues. Such that Google can consider all the upgrades to make and things they should update such that we the OS reaches the users phones, it is more than perfect to use. If you are wondering when will the Android O be released? Then worry not because it is going to be released this year without doubt. But the Android O release date won’t fall any soon in the second or third quarter of this year.

Android O Features, Release Date and more

Android O Features and Updates 2017

So the main focus of this new version of Android O is set to improve the batter life of the device, and Nougat had the same features on improving battery life. Another thing developers have told is that the background apps are going to be limited such that they use little battery life and make the most of the background running services.

The notification center will feature app sorted categories such that we can receive notification based on channels, so that users are able to select which category of notification to receive. In this way users can implement notifications channels according to their usage and limit other channels which are not in use.

Autofill framework has been updated which will help out users to fill form details such as credit card, debit card, usernames and password information in no time. In XML format different fonts are added which helps both developers and users to do their task easily. In previous versions we could not use picture in picture display which is something similar to dual apps on the screen. Here users can switch between apps while they can continue to watch videos.

Other Android O Features which you might like

Snooze notification is a tremendous feature where users can select how long they want a single notification to snooze after. It is more of an alarm for notification, where you slide over notification and select how long after you want it to snooze.

Android O Features, Release Date

Full form of Android O – What is Android O named after?

Features and new updates of Android latest versions are a thing that matter the most but people are also wondering what does O stand for. Last time the previous Android was named Nougat but this time I wonder what does Alphabet O stand for. I am guessing that this new version might be named after Oreo or Oatmeal cookie and as a matter of fact I can’t figure more names at all.


The features and all details about Android O are based on the early release for the developer’s version and we cannot predict if all the features will be in or some more are to be added. But one thing is sure that this new version of Android O is going to improve battery life and the most complicated question is what Android O abbreviation is? Let us know your views in the comments section that what “O” in Android O would stand for.

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