B: The Beginning Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018

B: The Beginning Season 2: Netflix has been trying hands on different anime shows and this time they have produced this anime from scratch. The anime B: The Beginning Season 1 was released by Netflix which was directed by Kazuto Nakazawa. One thing is great that the Netflix’s anime director wh0o is Taito Okiura has made huge plans for new anime shows and has been pushing directors to create some great shows indeed.

And that is why we have B: The Beginning anime right now and in the recent interview the director Kazuto Nakazawa has revealed some of his plans for second season as well. It means that there is going to be a B: The Beginning Season 2 but the exact release date not the episode count has been announced.

B: The Beginning Season 2 Release Date, Story 2018

B: The Beginning Season 2 Plot, Characters, Story And More 2018

We can see that the end of the B: The Beginning Season 1 has already riled up a second season with the post credit scene. In the scene of the episode 12 at the end we can see that the things are now normal and we also see Kirisame and Koku on the streets. In the same episode a littler earlier Koku was half dead due to the beating but now things are normal. Fans who have watched the first season might be wondering why and how this happened. So the Netflix streaming service has made plans to release the second season very soon and we will get to see how things went to normal as well.

In the second season of B: The Beginning we can expect things to get really in action because the entire past thing will be unrevealed now. Some fans might already know that the present director of this anime has also produced Samurai Champloo and that is why we can see that animation is quite same as well.

B: The Beginning Season 2 Release Date 2018

You might already know that B: The Beginning anime is produced and released by Netflix streaming service all over the world. So the Anime director and Netflix are already in talks to create the second season since the first season has ended. Netflix has a habit of releasing the second season for most of their shows and this time it will be the same as well.

So the Netflix anime staff will be producing the second season as well but it will take some time before the next season is released. Predicting the release date might not be hard because Netflix releases the second season of every show just after 8 – 10 months and under a year as well. So it clearly states that the B: The Beginning Season 2 release date will be during either November, December 2018. And as per the episode count the show will have 12 episodes in the second season because it might better suit the timeline and the available source material content as well.


B: The Beginning Season 2 anime is already confirmed and renewed by Netflix who will be releasing the second season very soon. The B: The Beginning Season 2 release date is set to be released after 8 – 10 months from the first season. So the second season will be released in the summer 2018 anime season for sure and you can watch the show then.

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