3 Best Shopping Sites Like eBay – Auction Sites Like eBay 2018

Sites like eBay: International e-commerce network eBay was founded in 1995 and now it operates in more than 30 different countries. Well this is a simple online buy and sell online auction site where users can bid and buy products. Want to sell products online or buy clothing online from top brands? Then you got to use eBay and I am sure you will find it worthy to use indeed. Buyers can use guest checkout to view and buy products they like, while sellers need to register account and are charged.

The best part about selling products on this network is that there are millions of users who are browsing the site every day. And this increases the chance of selling either through auction or direct check out for both sellers and buyers.

3 Best Shopping Sites Like eBay – Auction Sites Like eBay 2018

Auction Sites Like Ebay

I am a regular customer on eBay shopping network and the site has been really effective to provide products at reasonable cost. At the same time people in my location or country feared that International shopping site like eBay might not deliver the products as guaranteed. But all such rumors about EBay are false and with my experience I can say that their service is one of the best in the market.

Well this post will be about finding bidding sites like eBay, as I already said this is an auction site online where users can bid and buy. To reason to find an alternative to eBay is much simple because, things online are changing and we can’t find all our products at one place. So, the best thing would be to find something similar to this online auction site where we can find new clothing, products which we can bid on and buy.

  • Amazon

This list of best sites like eBay would be meaningless if Amazon was not listed because it is really the world’s finest shopping giant. Though Amazon was only based in USA in 2000 era, but now the whole world knows it as a sure way to find any product you like.

Amazon is actually similar to eBay but with more products and categories that run deep into narrowest of niches that anyone would every think of. You can find all sorts of stuff from electronics goods to flooring items. Even the prices are quite reasonable when compared to other online giants and most of the times we can find huge discounts on different festive occasions.

  • Etsy

Well the most important feature of eBay network is that sellers can sell products and the same goes with Etsy where homemade sellers can make a fortune. You can call this network more of a home decorative one with products related to jewelry, fan base and clothing. But at the very least all the products offered are finely made which gives users the best satisfactions that no service can give. Sellers on this network are really good in fact, they pin prices at reasonable cost and at the same time give better service.

If you are craftsman who want to sell right from your home, then Etsy is for where there are more than 20.8 million active buyers. And you get to join an army of 1.4 million active sellers, well the selling completion might be high but if your product is good then you need not to worry.

  • AliExpress

AliExpress is a subsidiary of Alibaba.com and this much similar online auction site eBay where users can bid and buy. There are millions of different products with more than a million active users with their inventory filled all the time. This network is based in China, so if you book a product it might take around 1-2 weeks+ to reach your doorstep based on the delivery packaged you selected. But at the end of the day all the products offered on this shopping site are well made by Chinese craftsman and dealers.

Buyers get buyer protection which will help you get your product delivery at any cost possible and frankly delivery timing is bad but everything else is amazing.


Now this post is all about few of the best sites like eBay and now you can go on to uses any of the listed online shopping sites. I am sure you will be amazed to know how good these other auction and shopping sites are when compared to eBay itself.

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