CEX.IO Review 2017 – Best Bitcoin Exchange Service 2017

Cex.io Review 2017: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency have become a major part of our system and we all want to exchange or trade the sum of BTC we have. But the bad part is exchanging is not so easy, because we might not find reliable traders and even if we find someone who knows that they might be fake. So, the best option would be to use Cex.io which was started in the year 2013 and since then it is one of the leading BTC exchange service in the world.

They offer different services like buying Bitcoin, ethereum and selling them while users can make profit of the price exchanged. The major reason someone would want to sell their Bitcoin is to gain real money in US, Euro or Pound based on their country which makes complete sense and this company helps such people to exchange with great support.

Now the important question is that while we trade and exchange our Bitcoin, how Cex.io does is profited. This company uses a fee commission based program where users who exchange and sell their BTC to different currency or cryptocurrency have to pay a fee depending on the volume of the trade. If you ask me the fee rates are quite less, which can be found under the fee schedule.

CEX.IO Review 2017 – Best Bitcoin Exchange Service 2017

I understand that Bitcoin is costly and one of the priced cryptocurrency, so users might fear about security. But this service has two step authentication features along with a security question which safeguards your account and future trades.

Cex.io Features – why to use it

As we already discussed that Cex.io is a network where users can exchange and trade their Bitcoin for some other cryptocurrency as well. In this way users who want to buy some other currency can sell their Bitcoin at the perfect exchange rate. This service is open 24 hours which means you can sell and trade anytime you want which gives users the complete freedom to trade according to their liking.

The company says that there are more than 400,000 traders who are active in the 30 days period which makes it perfect for users to sell their BTC easily. The transaction fee is around 0.2 percent which is very low and this is the finest reason why people prefer Cex.io the most.

CEX.IO Review 2017

How to create Cex.io account – Register for Cex.io mebership online

If you have made your mind and want to invest in Bitcoin cloud mining network Cex.io then you can follow my below instructions to create your account.

  • So first open the Cex.io official website from your browser
  • Then click on “Register” button and select your country icon besides it
  • Next you have to enter your email address and password
  • After that tick the “I agree” button and click on register button
  • You have to click on verification link from your email inbox
  • Finally once all is done, you have created your account on Cex.io service!

Cex.io Login – How to sign into Cex.io Account

First visit the Cex.io official webpage and on the homepage we can find “Sign In” button, simply click on it and fill your email address/username and password in the login page. And in this way you can successfully get logged into your account and use it to bid and buy more BTC.


CEX.IO is one of the leading networks that provide the best BTC exchange anytime you want, you can use it to buy or sell Bitcoin. Not only this but you can even sell; trade and buy Bitcoin for money or else for some other cryptocurrency which makes it more reliable.

At the end of the day I find their service to be reliable and allow its users to exchange Bitcoin when every they want and it is easy as well.

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