How to Delete Amazon Account Online 2018

How to delete Amazon Account: Amazon is considered to be the best online shopping giant in the world and to be frank it is the best indeed. I myself have been using Amazon for almost half a decade now and their service has been really good.

But you might want to delete your account for certain reasons and there are no restrictions for your not to delete your account. In this article I will be showing you how to delete your Amazon account, in simple terms we will be deactivating your web account on

Sometimes people want to change their email address on their account and for this reason you don’t have to cancel your account. It is so because if you simply have to change email address or your home address then you can do it in account settings page easily. But if you still want to delete your Amazon account then you can follow the below post happily.

How to Delete Amazon Account Online 2017

What after closing Amazon Account?

I guess you might a reason behind closing your Amazon account and if you do have one then can simply go on but before doing so. There are some things you need to know and understand before closing your account which are precisely important.

Well the most important thing is that once your account is closed you won’t be able to access your account or any service related to it. This means you won’t be able to check in to your order history or make use of unused vouchers through your account.

On the other hand if you tend to close your account you also need to make sure that any outstanding order should be paid before account cancelling. It means that if you continue on to closing the account you will have to pay for your recent orders and then delete the account. At the same time no refund or return are applicable on previous orders as your account is now deleted.

How to Delete Your Amazon Account – Procedure to Close Your Amazon Account

Now if you have made up your mind in order to proceed and delete your Amazon account then you can follow the below instructions carefully. If you are willing to delete your Amazon account then you have to contact the customer support and ask them to delete your account.

  • So first you have to open Amazon contact webpage from here
  • Then you have to login with your present Amazon email ID and password
How to Delete Amazon Account Online 2017
  • After that you will land on customer support page and select “Prime or Something Else” tab
How to Delete Amazon Account Online 2017
  • Next you will land on “Tell us more about your issue” webpage and you have to select as below
  • You have select Account settings under “Select an issue” and “Close my account” under Select issue details
How to Delete Amazon Account Online 2017
  • Then you will have to select “How you would like to contact us” from given options and tell your reason for cancelling the account
  • The best option would be to select “Email” and then enter the reasons in the next page
How to Delete Amazon Account Online 2017
  • Then click on “Send Email” button and wait for the customer service reply
  • Finally your Amazon account will be closed upon your request by the customer service!

Note: Make sure that no outstanding orders or billing is remaining on your Amazon account in order to precede further to delete it permanently.


So after following the above guide you will be able to definitely delete your Amazon account once and for all. In this way you can get rid of your previous Amazon account order history as the account itself it is deleted. And now you can go on to create a new Amazon account with a new email address to continue shopping online easily.

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