Dere Types In Anime 2018

Dere Types In Anime 2018: Well if you are an Anime fan then you might have seen different types of characters with various personalities. And in Anime a type of people called “Dere” are present which can be recognized by fans in one go. Well what I mean to say is whenever you see these character you can find and tell which type of Dere character they are. So in most of the anime female characters with different modes or personalities are assigned with particular name to identify their type and behavior easily. In this way fan can easily find out the behavior of the character based on the type of dere they are which is really amazing.

All the female characters in anime that show particular mood pattern and personalities are classified as dere types. There are many dere types in anime and these archetypes end with “Dere” word that translates their personality and character in the anime show. In this article we will be discussing about 14 dere types that we see in every anime show.

Dere Types In Anime 2018

Types of Dere Meaning and Example from Anime

  1. Tsundere – Type A

Well Tsundere is known to be most popular dere type of all which is a combination of tsun (harsh) and dere (love struck) which many anime fans like. This type of dere is most widely used in anime and manga because fans love such harsh characters that eventually like the ones they hate. Sometimes they start with little bickering but as the series goes on, the start to like the MC more and more which seems pretty fun to watch.

This type of Dere is type – A Tsundere in which the character bickers, fights with MC and gets shy for every little compliment as well. They most commonly use the word “Fool” or “baka” when the MC does not understand what they mean. One of the most popular examples of this type are Chitoge Kirisaki and Taiga Aisaka.

  1. Tsundere – Type B

In this type the dere or love personality is always seen on the female leads and changes to tsun when the male lead does something wrong or perverted. The female lead is close with everyone while she acts like an enemy to the male lead.

We can count Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Levy McGarden from Fairy Tale as well.

  1. Yandere

We have seen some positive dere types but Yandere is different from all because they are well known to be cheerful and happy with others on the outside. They can also form good friendship and bonds with the male lead in no time but their happy face is masking their dark side.

They have possessive nature and hate to share their love interest with other female characters and can even kill others for their love. Most of these characters are hard to stop and they hate rejection from male lead which one of their personality features. Yuno Gasai from The Future Diary anime is the best example of this type.

  1. Dandere

You might have seen female character in anime that are shy, silent in nature and become talkative when the male lead appears. They are also called as book worms because they love to read with big glasses on their face which makes them easy to be detected. If you have seen Nisekoi anime then you can understand that Onodera Kosaki is best suited for this type.

  1. Deredere

The one with the most cheerful and happy face with a loving nature is this type. They usually show great affection and patience towards their love interest in every way possible. You can count Lala Satalin Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru) and Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess) in deredere type.

  1. Kuudere

Female characters that are distant from others and behave in cold, emotionless behavior are known as Kuudere. They have small voice and poker face along with good talking skills as their hidden talents. Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats! Is well suited for this type.

  1. Himedere – Himedere Meaning

This type is mostly famous because they do not respect others but wants to be treated with respect all the time. Even though they are not a princess they want to be treated like a princess by everyone.

The reason they act like almighty is because they want to hide their insecurities from everyone. They are also known to give a classic laugh of “OhOho” that is their most favorite weapon.

  1. Oujidere

The male version of himedere where the male lead wants to be treated like a prince is called Oujidere. If he is dethroned then he will stop at nothing to regain his respect by all means necessary. They tend to have sharp eyes with pretty stupid clothing attire that no one can match.

If you have seen Code Geass then you can easily recognize Lelouch Lamperouge as this kind of dere character. It is so because in the anime he stops at nothing to gain his honor back by using all tactics and methods as well.

  1. Kamidere

This type of anime character can be both male and female where they force their law and wishes on others. They have god complex and they want to be treated like god or superior all the time. Most of the Kamidere characters are proud with an arrogant nature.

Popular examples are Light Yagami from Death Note and Satsuki Kiryuuin from Kill la Kill anime series.


  1. Undere

Well this character is known to be a combination of both the deredere and yandere type. It is so because they are always good their love interest which is good. But they can turn into yandere state when they are ignored by their loved ones.

I would think that these type of characters having Undere behavior are little obscure as well. Some of the most popular examples are Misa Amane from Death Note and Minami Kotori from Love Live series.

  1. Bodere

This type of character was not used in recent anime but they have become popular with the modern anime series. They are known to be a combination of both dandere and tsundere because they are shy as well. So they are shy with the male lead all the time which makes them hard to read but they lash out pretty quickly.

If you are wondering which anime character would behave like this then the best example is Mahiru Inami from Working.

  1. Hinedere

This type of character is arrogant and does not care about what others think about them. They have arrogant and icy nature but they are smooth, hard working as well. But the most important feature is that they are cynical and sarcastic which is great.

This type of archetype dere characters are in trend now because they hurt themselves while helping others to any extent. The best example for this type is Hachiman Hikigaya from OreGairu anime series.

  1. Mayadere

Some people consider them as deadly and dangerous type of tsundere because they start to fall for the male lead as the series goes on. At first they might hate the male lead and even try to kill him but they switch sides at the end.

Most of the times such characters are bold, skilled with killing abilities but at the end they turn good for the male lead. The best example I can imagine right now is Esdeath from Akame ga Kill anime series.

  1. Sadodere

The last type is Sadodere that has sadistic nature and lash out both physically and emotionally on others. If they have a love interest then they behave proudly but they also beat, abuse the male lead for joy. The best example for sadodere is Nemesis from To Love-Ru anime series.

Once you read the whole article about different types of Dere then you will be able to find and know which dere character it is from any anime. And again thanks for reading this article and if you’ve found it helpful then please share it online with your friends.

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