Download NewGamePad Emulator For iOS 10.2.1 iPhone/iPad 2017

NewGamePad Emulator: Do you know an IOS device such as iPhone or iPad and want to experience the old gaming consoles?  Well then we have the best solution for you which are NewGamePad emulator for IOS devices, which is a multiple emulator in a single one. Yes, you’ve read it right this single console has multiple consoles such as DS, GBA, PSP, MAME, N64, GBC and more.

Well that was just a little introduction of this NewGamePad emulator that might be new to you, but believe me it is way easier to control and make use of. It comes with an easy to understand UI design that fits comfortable with the screen. This emulator has games inbuilt which can be downloaded with just one click and installing these game ROMS is simple as well.

Once you have installed a game, either it be a N64 or GBA, just open it and the particular console game controls system will load on the screen. Control and start the game using the game on screen controls that are really easy to navigate and takes a bit of time to get known to.

Download NewGamePad Emulator For iOS 10.2.1 iPhone/iPad

We have been recently reviewing a few of the emulator for IOS platform and I thought NewGamePad emulator would be a perfect one to be added on to this list.

Can I download NewGamePad emulator without Jailbreak?

Now you could be still wondering whether you need to have a jailbreak device in order to  use this NewGamePad for IOS 10.1.1. And the answer you don’t need to have a jailbreak iPhone or iPad to install this emulator. Most of the IOS users tend to have this questions and it is true that NewGamePad for IOS can be downloaded for non-jailbreak devices as well.

The best reason why I prefer using NewGamePad emulator is that it is flexible to use and on the other hand games do not lag. Most of the emulators have a tendency of playing games with a lot of lag and that is the worst part about other emulators. But at the same time NewGamePad emulator is far more different and it can helps users like us play games without lag and installing different game ROMS.

Download NewGamePad For IOS 10.1.1 iPhone/iPad Without Jailbreak

Let me get you straight into the installation guide, where I will show you how to install NewGamePad for IOS without jailbreak.  So simply follow the instructions shown below and continue reading the post:

  • First thing to do is to open your iPhone or iPad device and open Safari browser as well
  • After that you have to visit this link, which will take you to NewGamePad download page
  • Browse to the bottom of the download page and click on “Install” button
  • And again click on “Install NewGamepad” emulator and the app will begin installing
  • Finally we have installed NewGamePad emulator on our iPhone device!

And this is how you can simply install this NewGamePad emulator on your IOS devices; make sure you have installed the app properly.


Now you have download NewGamePad emulator for your iPhone device and it’s time to have fun playing news games and more. Simply add new game ROMS and start playing any NES, N64 or GBA game console on your IOS device.

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