Download Root Checker Apk For Android OS 2018

Root Checker Apk: We Android users sometimes root our Smartphone and this is something we all decided to do. There are many reasons why we root an Android device, which can be to access different apps and features when rooting is completed. You might have used 360 root or some app to do the rooting but we have to confirm at the end that root is finished. So root checker app comes into play, this is a root checking app as the name itself suggest.

The root checker app is available on Google Play store for free of cost and we can install it on our device with in no time. The two objective of this guide will be to show Android users how they can download root checker app and next to learn to use it properly. More than 10 million users have already downloaded this app and now it’s your turn to use it. I am sure you will be satisfied with the app as  it is quite simple to use indeed.

Download Root Checker Apk For Android OS 2017

How to use Root Checker App on Android OS

Since you have installed the root checker app we can now continue on to the main topic of our guide which is how to use this tool. Well let us consider that if you rooted the Android device using any rooting tool like 360 root or any other. But to continue using other apps for rooted devices we have to first confirm and check whether our root was processed perfectly.

Now in order to check the root, you have to open the root checker app and then go to root check basic tab on the app. Under it clicks on “Verify Root Access” and it will take about few seconds and the root results will show below. If the root was successful then, results will be shown as “congratulations! This device has root access”.

Well it is quite simple to use this tool in fact and it takes less than few seconds just to show the root results which are good in fact.

Download Root Checker Apk For Android OS 2018 – Root Checker App On Android

Rooting an Android using any root tool might be simple but at the end of the day, we have to configure whether the root is completed or not. In order to check the root was properly done or not, we can use Root Checker app on Android platform. I will show you the exact steps on how you can download Root checker apk on Android platform.

  • We have to open the Google Play Store app from our Android phone
  • Next go to the search bar and search “Root Checker” app
  • Now continue on and select the app we are looking for
  • Then select it and click on the install button
  • The root checker app will now begin to download and installs next
  • Finally we have now installed root checker app on Android OS!

Note: Root checker app can only be used and shows the root results only if the rooting has been performed before.


In this way after completing of rooting an Android device using any root tool, we can check whether the root is properly completed. Once the app is installed, with just few clicks we can confirm the completion of rooting process.

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