How to Download Tumblr Audio and Songs Using TumTaster

How to Download Tumblr Audio and Songs: Well most of us have blogs on one of the largest blogging and social sharing network by the name Tumblr. And you might be one vivid reader of Tumblr who loves to browse, share and like new content on the network.

There are many Tumblr users who love to share their new creative work such as music or sometime someone might end up sharing a new music mp3 form as well. And you might find it really pleasing to listen and you might want to download the audio from Tumblr right away. But for time being you had no idea on how to do it, but we are going to show you how to download songs and audio from Tumblr in this guide.

Well I’ve used this method myself and to be frank it is one of the simplest guides I’ve found on the web too. So, stick to the guide and make sure to learn how to save and download songs or music from Tumblr social sharing network.

How to Download Tumblr Audio and Songs Using TumTaster

Note: It is to be noted that this guide is only applicable for the music and audio that is uploaded directly on to the Tumblr website. It will not work for audio or music that is embedded from other sources and website.

How to Download Tumblr Audio – Download Songs and Audio from Tumblr For Free – TumTaster

Well there are millions of fans on Tumblr who are looking for a new method to download songs and audio from Tumblr easily. You can follow the below steps where I will show you the simplest way to download audio songs from Tumblr network for free of cost.

Once you have downloaded the songs, music and audio from Tumblr to your Phone or Computer start playing them. Now you can even share these new songs or audio with your friends or family without going back to Tumblr site again.

How to Download TumTaster For Google Chrome – TumTaster To Save Tumblr Audio Songs

We are talking about TumTaster Google Chrome plugin which can be downloaded for free of cost. What this plugin does is really simple and it actually converts Tumblr audio post into downloadable mp3 links. So, hover to the content on Tumblr site where the audio post is located and click on the TumTaster chrome icon on the top.

Now different down options will be shown, where you can find the download link to save different MP3 audios located on the current page. Just follow the link and save the music or audio mp3 which you like to download.

Download TumTaster For Google Chrome

Now with the new version, we have to play the track which we are going to download and click on TumTaster icon on the top. Next under the TumTaster popup we will find the current playing music or track with the download link.

If you want to download this Google chrome plugin, just go to this follow which will take you to Chrome extensions. Simply click on the install button and the chrome plugin namely; TumTaster will be installed within seconds.


Finally we will be able to download audio from Tumblr and not just audio, but we can even download songs, music and more easily.

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