Download Viu Apk For Android OS 2018

Viu Apk Download: There are many Android applications that come in handy to watch English TV shows and all but there are very less number of Asian entertainment apps indeed. Well while I was looking for some other apps I’ve found Viu which is an Asian entertainment application that lets you watch Asian shows for free. To be frank there is lots of amazing Asian TV shows that are really popular but finding an app to stream might be difficult. But with the help of Viu app for Android we can watch all those shows in HD format right on our Android device.

Now you might be having some questions so as to why do I really advise this app to watch Asian shows on your Android phone. Well the main reason is that this app brings all the Asian programs right on your Android phone up to date. Yes, each and every ongoing show is updated after their broadcast on TV in less one or two day. And there are times when these shows are updated in less than 4 hours after its release on air which is great for fans.

Download Viu Apk For Android OS 2018

Viu App Features 2018

Viu has made multiple synchronization features available which allows users to use same account on different Android devices to sync between favorite lists and preferences easily. On the other hand this app also allows their users to download videos for offline viewing which makes great sense. They also have premium user plan which gives you unlimited downloads, but we are quite certain most of the users are fine with streaming alone.

You can create your account for free of cost and bookmark different TV shows, programs you like to watch later. In this way the app gives you hassle free viewing where users can bookmark their favorite shows to stream anytime they like. They also have included local language interface where users can choose their local language or native one to get along the app easily.

Download Viu App For Android OS 2018 – Install Viu Apk On Android

Want to watch entertaining shows and serials from Asian countries then it’s time for you to choose Viu app now. This app lets you watch, download and do more than just streaming of different Asian TV shows on your Android device right away. So, let me guide you through the process through which you can download Viu for Android.

Download Viu Apk For Android OS 2018
  • So the initial step is that you have to open Google play store app
  • After that you will have to continue to the app and then select the search button
  • Next you will have to enter the app name, Viu and then select the app from the searched results
  • Now that the app is selected, click on the Install button which will download the app first
  • Once download is finished, the app will begin to install after that
  • Finally we will be having the app installed in quick time!


The finest way to watch Asian entertainment programs and TV shows on your Android phone is by installing Viu app. Well this app is quite amusing because you can use it to stream shows and even download them for offline use for free of cost. I guess you are going to have quite a good time watching lots of up to date shows on your Android phone.

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