Drifters Season 2 Release Date 2018

Drifters Season 2 Release Date: Kouta Hirano’s Drifters was one of the best summer anime of 2016 which ended in December. The Drifters season 1 might have been ended but it was also announced that sequel will be released soon. It was teased back in the finale episode that second season will be released in 20XX. But the exact release date was not released and in this article today we will be discussing about the anime release date, upcoming story and more.

Drifters anime is based on the genre of “Transported to another world” where the MC is sent to some other world when he dies. Well we have seen many anime shows with the same concept that have made huge with millions of fans across the globe. One such anime is Re:ZERO which consists of MC going from weak to strong. But Drifters anime is based on the same concept but it has main characters or heroes who are already powerful. We will learn more about the different characters and their roles in the anime from below story.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date 2018

News about Drifters Season 2 Story, Plot and More 2018

I have never been so intense watching an anime before because this show has made great twists with awesome animations that amaze you all the way. Well in the season 1 we see that Toyohisa a samurai from Sekigahara in 1600 is sent to another world. He is wounded and is carried by elves to other drifters to be healed. He then meets the famous Nobunaga Oda and the famous archer Yoichi Suketaka who becomes ally in their fight against Black king. Soon they become strong ally and take over the Orte Empire by strategic planning and save elves. They soon meet new drifters from the modern era but The Black King has started its war on the empire. The season 1 ended with The Blacking losing his battle against Drifters to take over the Orte Empire and annihilate it. He soon starts another army and is ready to take on the Drifter in the second season.

No new Drifter characters are added in the season two but we might see new enemies sometime later in the season. We will see more action and strategic plans by Nobunaga and Toyohisa on their plan to defeat the Black king. So it would be amazing to see how a bunch of heroes from different time periods and thinking get together to defeat a being with super powers.

If you ask me about my favorite character from this show then that might be a hard question to answer indeed. It is so because every hero is crazy in their own aspect because they fight enemies without fear and things turn out pretty well.

Drifters Season 2 Release Date 2018 – How to Watch Drifters Season 2 Episodes Online?

The director of Drifters anime said that the episode 13 and 14 from season 2 will be released on DVD before air release. But still not much information has been released about the other episodes release date which is a raging question among fans.

The Drifters season 1 consisted of 12 episodes and aired from October 7, 2016 to December 23, 2016 and it was first premiered at fall 2016. It was ranked as one of the best summer anime shows in 2016 because of great storyline and animations. The Drifters season 2 will consist of 12 episodes at least which will be released during fall 2017. After the air is completed on TV fans can stream the show from Crunchyroll which is really great.


Drifters anime show season 1 is known for great storyline and animation which brought huge fans all over the globe. But the second season is now going to be released very soon in the upcoming fall of 2018. In the second season we will see more action, fight scenes and better character development that will surely amaze the fans. I am hoping that the Drifters season 2 release date is very soon announced and we will update the exact date as well.

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