How To Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Error On Android OS 2017

Solve Screen Overlay Detected: Android is quite a popular Operating Platform and it going super crazy with so many Android phones out there in the market. And Android Nougat and Marshmallow OS versions were recently released. But as you know not everything is perfect every time and even with our recent Android OS update, this error “Screen Overlay Detected” has increased with so many users complaining about it.

Now what this error actually does is kind of annoying because, it stops some apps from loading and you can’t run those apps. Yep, this error Screen Overlay Detected is pretty weird because it won’t even allow you to open an app and that is really a bad thing. This issue might seem to be a big problem but to be frank screen overlay detection can be solved in no time.

Well if you’ve faced an issue similar to this one or if you are still facing this issue which shows an error code “Screen Overlay Detected” then you are at the right place. This issue is not such a big problem and we have a fine solution to solve it.

How To Fix “Screen Overlay Detected” Error On Android OS 2017

 What Happens When “Screen Overlay Detected” Error Occurs

Now before I show you how to solve this error, there might be a buzz like whether this error causes problem? Well if you ask me then this error causes a lot of headache because sometime we might want to open some apps, take example of your banking app. Most of the times we have security permissions asked before such apps are open, as we set different locks and all. And at that time this error shows up with the error code “Screen Overlay Detected” and we can’t even open that app the very next moment.

How To Solve Screen Overlay Detected Error On Android OS

We’ve kind of taken lot of time to discuss about this error and how it is cased, so why not learn how to solve it right away. The below guide is same for almost all Android stock Smartphone, but if you own a Samsung device then follow the second method.

  • If you own a stock Android OS, then follow below steps:
  • So the first step is go to settings and go to Apps section from there
“Screen Overlay Detected” Error On Stock Android OS
  • Under the Apps, click on the settings button which will take you to next page
  • Draw over other apps, can be found under Configure apps under advanced section
“Screen Overlay Detected” Error On Stock Android OS
  • Here we will see, “Draw over other apps” option which is clickable
  • Now under this option we will have to enable and disable all Android apps

Fix Error Screen Overlay Detected On Samsung Android Devices

When it comes to Samsung Android phones, their Android OS ROM and configuration is not the same as of Stock Android phones. So in order to solve the issue of Screen Overlay Detected, on Samsung devices we can follow the steps included below:

  • Click on the settings gear from notification area or go to settings directly
Fix Error Screen Overlay Detected On Samsung Android
  • After that click on the Applications icon> Application Manager
  • Now we have to click on “MORE” option on top right corner of the page

    Fix Error Screen Overlay Detected On Samsung Android
  • Under it we have to select “Apps that can appear on top” option
Fix Error Screen Overlay Detected On Samsung Android
  • Same as above, select and deselect the apps you want to appear
Fix Error Screen Overlay Detected On Samsung Android
  • And finally start using your Android phone like you do always!

Well that was quite simple to do, and people you can do the same within no time and solve this error easily. I guess you will now never get this error Screen Overlay Detected, even if you want to once you’ve disabled it for all apps.

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