Fix Shockwave Flash Keeps Crashing Chrome – Solve Shockwave Flash Crashed Firefox

Shockwave Flash Keeps Crashing: If you are using Chrome or Firefox browser then you might have noticed that flash player keeps crashing. Well Adobe online products such as Flash are few of the finest ways of interacting audio and video through the browser. But sometimes we might find ourselves in a situation where the error is shown as “Flash player has crashed”. The first thing we need to be concerned is that are we using the latest browser version or not. If not then make sure you have installed the latest version of chrome or Firefox browser.

If the problem of “Shockwave Flash keeps crashing” still persists then the problem would be with the flash player but not the browser indeed. And in this article we will be going through a series of solutions which will help you solve the ‘Shockwave Flash crashed” problem. I guess most of the users are already aware that Google has abandoned flash player for Chrome. And the same goes for other browsers as well, and this is why every user has to manually enable the flash option on their browser in order to use the flash player.

There are many reasons why Google and other browsers have abandoned Flash as it is vulnerable and at the same time a major reason of security breaches as well. But those things aside Flash player has been one of the finest supporting plugin for browsers a long time.

Fix Shockwave Flash Keeps Crashing Chrome – Solve Shockwave Flash Crashed Firefox

Shockwave Flash Chrome Download – Download Shockwave Flash Plugin for Chrome

Shockwave plugin for chrome and other browsers can be downloaded for free of cost from Adobe official website. If you don’t know how to download Shockwave flash then you can follow the below download instructions carefully.

  • First you will have to click here to visit Shockwave official webpage online
  • Next click on “Download now” button and continue
  • Now a popup will appear, asking to “Save File” or Cancel
  • Then select the “Save File” button to save the exe file and run it afterwards
  • Finally we have installed the Shockwave flash plugin!

How to fix Shockwave Flash Keeps Crashing – Shockwave Flash Has Crashed On Google Chrome/Firefox

So now let me get into the process on how you can simply fix the Shockwave flash keeps crashing error on Firefox browser. Basically follow the below instructions and you will surely get rid of the problem.

  • So first you have to open your Firefox browser
  • Then click on Menu > Add ons > select extensions
  • After that click on “Update Now” button and close the browser
  • Then open the browser and the flash player will be working fine

For chrome browser you can simply download a new flash exe file as shown in the above guide and install it. Then it will start working properly without any problem, in this way you can solve flash crashed problem on both the browsers.


Flash player for Chrome and Firefox browser is kind of an amazing plugin, though it might have been abandoned by browsers. But it is way more helpful than any other browser and to watch videos, music we all need to use flash plugin at all times. So after following this article you will be able to solve how to get rid of “Shockwave Flash keeps crashing” problem on both Chrome and Firefox browser.

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