Download GarageBand Android Apk 2018

GarageBand Android APK: So do you like to listen to music ever period of the day? Well I love to listen to music and create them as well. So did you ever wonder how these tunes and music is created for popular songs? Well if you haven’t then you can learn now because the tool most of the popular and professional artists use is GarageBand App. Yes you’ve heard me right this tool is called GarageBand which is released by Apple Inc. This software was first released for IOS platform and the devices which it could be run were only iPhone and iPad devices.

At some point we all think that creating music might seem fun and to do that fun we can use GarageBand app for that. This app is specially built to create tunes, music and beats with the help of different instruments included in the app itself. So this app has different instruments such as drum kits, guitar and piano which are virtually present.

Download GarageBand Android Apk 2018

How To Use GarageBand Android App?

Well let me show you the ways you can use this app to create music for daily use and it can be published online on YouTube as well. So the first thing is we have different music instruments like Piano, Keyboard, Guitar and even different drum kits are present.  Create new file and then under each strip we have to select one instrument and play it virtually, while recording it. So at the end of the creation we have to play all these recorded music and beats from each strip together to create a different beat and tune that is good to hear. It is quite simple indeed to use this music tool but many users think it might be complicated since it is new to them. On the other hand we can share the created music and tunes to different social media sites with the help of the app itself.

Download GarageBand Android APK 2018 – Install GarageBand App For Android OS 2018

Well you might think that there is no other way to download GarageBand Android APK but there is one method that works. So the below steps will show you the exact way in order to download and install GarageBand app for Android platform easily.

  • So in the first step we have to go to the settings button and then click on application > check the unknown sources option at the end
  • Now we have to go to this link from here and download the APK file to your Android device directly without using PC or desktop using USB cable to transfer the files
  • After that you have to go to the SD card and then select the GarageBand Android file we have downloaded and click on it
  • Next step would be to click on it again and it will proceed to install section, click on install button then wait for the app to be completely installed
  • In the end we will have the GarageBand music app installed on your Android device in no time, and you are now ready to create music on the go!


GarageBand for Android is one of the finest tools to create music and have fun with your Android device at the same time. In this article we have discussed steps to download GarageBand Android Apk which you will find easy to understand.

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