HopStop App Review – Best HopStop Alternative 2017 Online

HopStop App: Transit guide app like HopStop became widely famous in a short span of time and their features made them much influential. People across the cities of United Sates were pleased to have a Transit app namely HopStop. It is a detailed route offering transit guide, from door to door biking, subway, train, taxi and real walking direction as well.  The HopStop service was offered in 100 cities and the app was released for Android, Windows Phone and IOS platform as well.

Later Apple acquired HopStop in 2013 and then the service was shut down closing all its working to be precise. Well Apple made a great decision acquiring such a good map and transit guiding app like HopStop, which would help them very much. But for HopStop it is now time to work in background under the Apple’s banner all the way. If you are wondering what Apple is going to do with HopStop then, they might have used the app UI and software to improve Apple Maps at the very end. Apple has been updating and makes huge changes to their Map service and HoStop had the features that could help it grow.

HopStop App Review – Best HopStop Alternative 2017 Online

Well in simple words we can describe HopStop a perfect touring guide across 100 cities with road to road directions. It had so many useful and effective features such as allowing users to travel step by step biking, car rental directions and more. People can find nearby stations such as bus stops and railways stations to find walk their destination in no time. There was also a community tab which allowed users to manage and select a travel plan of different destinations.

HopStop Alternative

Now as you all know that HopStop app is closed and it’s never coming to serve you again, it’s time for us to go on and search for some other alternatives. Thought there are some influential transit apps in the market, I find CityMapper and Transit App more reliable at the time being.

  • CityMapper

CityMapper is one of the best HoStop alternatives till date and to be frank it seems that this app is better than it. Well you get subway map and the Manhattan bus map as well which can be accessed offline, on iPhone platform. Find lines of different towns, or route directions by enterting Star and End points in no time. CityMapper has online website along with the app version released for Android and IOS OS platforms.

  • Transit App

Transit app for IOS platform is a simple designed trip advisor and app that has real time data to help you improve and find best directions. You can find the upcoming departure time for lines with just a single tap, and plan trips easily. Transit app service is offered in 125 different cities worldwide, and easy UI helps people to easily navigate through the app.


Let me conclude this guide by summing up all the important talks and discussions we’ve had about HopStop app. First we’ve reviewed how useful HopStop app was and later talked its acquisition by Apple. At the end now that the HopStop app is closed for good, we listed some of its alternatives.

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