Instagram Not Working Solution – Solve Instagram Not Loading Issue

Instagram Not Working: There are many social networking apps but Instagram is one of the most popular ones with so many millions of daily active users. Well Instagram follows a simple app based social media where users are allowed to post pictures and videos where they can follow, share and comment. Instagram has been made available for different mobile OS, but most of the users are from Android and IOS. And this guide is going to be about solving some of the Instagram problems and errors.

We all love to share pictures and videos on Instagram but did you ever think what would happen if it stopped working? Well you will not be able to share your new pictures or comment on your friends travel video anytime sooner. To be frank for a social media fanatic like me, Instagram crashing on Android or IOS is a serious problem. But no one around is a tech nerd who can solve every problem or error caused on Instagram app. So, we took some of the most occurring problems on Instagram over Android and IOS platforms.

So before we head into the guide we can discuss what kind of problems and errors we might face on Instagram app. The first thing would be that your news feed will not be properly loading; the refresh button might not work as well. The second thing is the app will start to crash at times before and after opening it. Another common issue most of the users have complained about is that the app itself won’t load.

Instagram Not Working Solution – Solve Instagram Not Loading Issue

Method 1 – Update Instagram App – Instagram Crashing On Android and IOS OS

The most common problems caused with modern social media apps are that we forget to update them and old version starts causing problems. One of the most common things we observe is that our app, Instagram crashing on Android. Whenever you try to open the app it won’t load or even if it loads, soon it will crash down. This might seem to be a serious problem but you just have to head over to Google Play Store and update your app directly.

Method 2 – Install/Reinstall Instagram App – Instagram Not Loading

If updating your app doesn’t work, then I would advise you to simply uninstall the Instagram app properly. Then again reinstall the app and login with your account details which will help you solve any further Instagram not loading problems.

Method 3 – Clear Cache and Delete Data from settings – Solve Instagram Feed Not Loading Problem

The last method on our guide would be a perfect solution for Instagram news feed not loading and why won’t pictures load. We will be simply deleting the app data and cache; once again you can follow them in below steps:

  • First go to settings > Application manager and All Apps
  • Then select “Instagram” app and click on it
  • After that click on “Clear Cache” and “Delete Data” options


Once you’ve followed every method from the above steps you will soon be able to use your Instagram app like always. Make sure you login back to your account after following the steps and in this way you will receive feeds properly.

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