iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working Solved 2018

iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working 2018: Everyone has an iPhone now and we all like to wake up early in the morning because most of us love to workout, get ready for office and many more. We set our alarm clocks one day before we want o wake up early in the morning but the alarm clock does not work the next day. I have faced this issue many times that the iPhone alarm clock does not work properly and sometimes the alarm clock does not off as well. To be frank I have faced both the situations where the alarm clock does not snooze and some of the times it does not stop snoozing the sound.

So some times when you try to use alarm clock app on iPhone it might give you errors like black screen and many more. Some of those errors include the iPhone alarm clock not going off, in this case the alarm will keep on making sound and it won’t snooze as well. Another case was submitted by one of the user in which the iPhone alarm gives no sound and only vibrates all the time which is kind of useless. It kills the whole purpose of using alarm clock if the snooze sound does not work properly. Another case is that alarm clock should work on silent mode but it does not work on this mode. Well these are some of the issues that were reported and even I have faced one of the issues from the list we have discussed above.

iPhone Alarm Clock Not Working Solved 2018

Last month I was browsing one of the online forums where I read questions related to this situation where users were annoyed because of alarm clock not working properly. Then I thought I should post an article about how I found a way to make my alarm clock work again properly. I mean I used some methods which helped me to resolve the issue with iPhone alarm clock not working and I guess it will work for you guys as well.

Update IOS Firmware

So most of the times the issue is with the older version of IOS OS on your iPhone device which can be quickly solved by updating the firmware to the latest one. Apple does not release new version of firmware frequently but sometimes we might miss on the updates. So follow the instructions below to update your IOS OS by going to settings > general > software update which will check for new updates. If there are any new updates available then click on install button to upgrade the firmware which will resolve the issue immediately.

Check Ringer Volume and Media Volume Properly

Most of the times users do not hear their clocks ringing properly are because they might have set their alarm volumes and the media volume to the lowest. So you have to check that the ringer volume is set to maximum level of sound such that you can hear it even in deep sleep.

You can go to alarm clock once and then check if the alarm sound is working properly by putting a new alarm set for few minutes from present time. In this way you can confirm that the alarm clock is working properly if it snoozes or makes sound after some time.

Check Alarm Sound

Alarm clock in iPhone is so advanced that we can set different sounds like in any other Android device as well. But there is also an option to set alarm sound to “None” which will create or make no sound when the alarm should make sound.

Restore your iPhone

At the end of the day if all the above listed methods do not work then the last measure is to reset your iPhone settings to new one. I am talking about resetting your iPhone to factory reset which will remove all the data which most of the people refuse to take on. You can go to settings > general > reset > reset all settings option to reset your device finally.

I prefer to use third party applications for alarm click if it does not work rather than restoring the whole device which may remove all your data if backup is not taken properly. So make sure that you have backed up all the data before trying the restore method.

Third Party Alarm Clock Apps

Well better than resetting your whole device I advise you to use third party alarm clock apps for iPhone which can be really useful indeed.  I have been using the RockClock for some time now and it works really well both on my Android and iPhone device as well. So go to the app store and select the popular alarm clock app which you want to install and set up your alarm through the new app instead.


Apple users thanks for taking your precious time to read this post about the iPhone alarm clock not working issues and the ways to make it work as well. I guess after reading this post you will be able to turn your alarm clock into a working machine once again. I guess this post will help you solve this issue forever but if it does not work even after trying all the methods we have listed above. Then I advise you to comment the issue properly in the below comments section and we will try to answer them for sure.

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