Jack Gilinsky Snapchat, Instagram – Jack Gilinsky And Madison Beer Bio

Jack Gilinsky Snapchat 2017: Jack Finnegan Gilinsky is a part of Jack and Jack POP and RAP culture band, along with Jack Edward Johnson turned into Musicians after their Vine social media success. He was born on September 10, 1996 in Omaha states, Nebraska of United States. So if you are wondering what the age of Jack Gillinsky is, then he is aged about 20 years now. While his best friend Edward is 21 years old, and to add a fun fact to this article these two guys, Edward and Gillinsky has been friends since elementary and high school as well.

Personal life of Jack has been known to all, when he announced he’s dating his girlfriend Madison Beer. His family consist of two old sisters by the name Molly and Laura, while his parents Katherine and David are fine US residents.

We can say that his career took a ramp in 2013, when he along with his friend Jack started their Band which brought them huge fame and success. In this era of modern social media, Jack Gilinsky has huge fan following across all types of social media.  Music is not just being the lead artist every time, sometimes being a featured artist is what makes a musician even better.

Jack Gilinsky Snapchat, Instagram – Jack Gilinsky And Madison Beer Bio

They even had a movie made about them, which is Jack and Jack: The Movie which is about the lives of both the viners in their real life. You might have thought this would be more of a scripted one, but believe me it was a reality movie based on their real life experiences and more.

Jack Gilinsky Age, Height And Other Details

Name Jack Finnegan Gilinsky
Age 20 Years Old
Birthday September 10, 1996
Birthplace Omaha, NE, US
Birth Sign Virgo
Girlfriend Madison Beer
Band Name Jack and Jack
Best Friend Jack Edward Johnson ( 21 years old)
Twitter Followers 6.1  Million


Jack Gilinsky Awards and Achievements

It is being said that Jack has made some good music in a very short span of time, with him being lead artist in more than 14 singles, out of which How We Livin was a part of Calibraska Album. For the song “Wild Life” both Gilinsky and Edward, got this song onto 87th position on US Billboard HOT 100 in 2014 year. We can say that after starting, the year 2014 brought them good fame, and their first Album ‘Calibraska” was really a good success for starters. It sold more than 22,000 copies for the first week in US only; well the count might have gone over a million by now. By the count he has been featured in over 9 songs in 2015 and 2016 year only. So the collection of song list is still ongoing and I believe he will make even more in this year.

Jack Gilinsky Instagram – Jack Gilinsky Snapchat Username

Jack Gilinsky has been an active user on social media which include Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram as well. His Instagram account, he has around 6.1 million followers while he is following 129 others with 768 posts posted till now. He might not be so active on Twitter but still he has 3.44 million followers which make a verified user as well. I will link down the Jack Gilinsky Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter account details and their usernames below.



Snapchat jackgilinsky
Instagram jackgilinsky
Jack Gilinsky Snapchat, Instagram – Jack Gilinsky And Madison Beer Bio

Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer Relationship

Jack Gillinsky relationship with Madison Beer has been known to all, since he announced dating her in 2015 at Radio Disney Awards. She is also a pop artist who got instant fame when Justin Bieber once tweeted her song video on this account. That being said her full name is Madison Elle Beer and she was born in Jericho, New York on March 5, 1999 which makes her 18 years old. They have been dating since 2015 and it seems to be going, well despite rumors of their break up.

Final Words:

Being a popular musician Jack is still growing and his fan following is surely going to be absurd and huge by the end of this year. We will have to wait and see how Jack Gillinsky and Jack Johnson are going to trend all the way this year as well.

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