Fix Laptop Fan Not Working Issue Easily

Laptop fan not working: Laptop has now become the important accessory in the present day where lot of information and data can be stored. The best portable electronic machine which does all our work in very short time and let us experience a reliable life. As this device is portable it has got every minute chips, fans and other important parts. Today we are here to discuss the issues caused due to not working of laptop fan. As I said earlier Laptop has now become an important accessory to perfume any work, in this situation if its fans stop working the IC or Microprocessor inbuilt in it will get damaged. Also these parts in Laptop are very costly and very hard to find to. So any such issues observed in earlier stage should be solved soon.

How to Clean Laptop Fan

The laptop fan is used to draw air from air vents located on bottom and in reverse throws the hot air out from mechanize. It is located at left side of machine and will protect your device from heating when used for longer time. Today we will discuss how to fix the Laptop fan if it has stop working. If the fans have been found to be stop then your CPU will increasing its heisting and temperature on Motherboard will increase.

How To Fix Laptop Fan Not Working Issues:

In this tutorial we have got few results that will help you to fix the laptop fan issues. If you’re trying to fix these issues by yourself then here is the best possible way to be followed. Make sure you don’t try any further stepping behind ay written here or else there may get something wrong.

How to Clean Laptop Fan

Method 1: Fan Not Correctly Placed:

It has been seen may use their laptop on their lap and in different angles. Also it has observed that laptop fan stop working if the device is boot up. In this situation restart your laptop and wait for few minutes or else shut down the laptop and the restart it after 5 minutes. Definitely Laptop Fan will start working now.

Method 2: Dust Accusation on Fan:

If dust or any dirt particles are accumulated on fan then it reduce its efficiency of cool down. It was seen that due to this dirt fan get clogged and stop working. In this case follow the below given steps

  • Disassemble the laptop parts and look where exactly fan is being located
  • Now clean the fan blades and then dry it using the hair drier
  • This will for sure clean the clogged fan and let it start working
  • Cleaning of fan must be carried for every 2 years and let avoid any further consequences

Method 3:  Blow compressed Air:

If you’re not capable of dissembling and might think this may be risk, then you can blow the air into laptop using its air vent.  The high pressure applied from outside will clean the dust and remove dust that assembled on blades of fan.

How to Clean Laptop Fan
  • Firstly located where exactly the Laptop Fan is located and then blow the air using hair drier into it
  • Blow the air several times so that the dust should leave the fan and comes out of machine

The air must be high pressurized as laptop got many minute and important parts that will be damaged due to excess heat.


Here we end our Laptop Fan Not working guide and I hope I have given you enough possible ways to fix this issue.  If the issues isn’t been solved after apply this simple methods then write to us in below comment section, so that we will give you more complicated fixing solution. Thanks for reading our article on how to fix laptop fan not working guide and hope that you will share this article with others too.

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