Voltron Season 5 Release Date, Story, Episode List

Voltron Season 5 Release Date: Voltron Legendary Defender is animated by the company Studio Mir that has animated the whole series till date. This show consists of 39 episodes which were released by Netflix online streaming service and animated by the same company. Since season 4 was ended in 2017 fans now are eagerly waiting for the release for the next season which is not yet announced. This show is based on the old 80’s cartoon Beast King GoLion which was created by Toei Animation. Then Netflix released the cartoon series online with the help of Studio Mir that received good reviews all over the world. This show is based on 5 Paladins who control one lion each and form the legendary defender Voltron. They seems to not know each other well at first but during the course of the story they help, survive and beat the bad guys all the time.

I have seen so many animated shows but none of them has such amazing CGI other than this show. It is creative in many manners but when it comes to the storyline people love this show because of that one reason alone. Even I am a fan of this show because it shows how team work is necessary and why we need to help friends to go around difficult situations.

Voltron Season 5 Release Date, Story, Episode List

Voltron Season 5 Story, Plot, Characters and More 2018

Voltron Legendary Defender season 4 has completed streaming the finale in 2017 on Netflix where users can watch the show anytime. This modern animation of the classic 1980’s Voltron cartoon comes to the Television screen once again in the form of this show. Though the season 4 only had 6 episodes which when compared to the previous seasons were quite less. Though the show only had 6 episodes for the season 4 users and viewers found the season 4 really amusing. Some fans might have thought that this season would be a little one with just fillers in all the episodes. But it turns out that the season 4 of Voltron was the best one and it contained many twists, turns that fans really loved. Well I would not like to spoil any of the content from season 4 but when the show ended fans were left with so many questions.

We see in the season 4 that Lotor and Zarkon are on the run while the father and son relation is quite messed up. But when the things seemed to be working well for Voltron and the alliance then the witch brings new twist to the table by managing to hold the war. In the season finale Haggar plans to take down entire alliance and Voltron with just one mighty blow but it takes lot of effort from her. At the end it turns out that Zarkon is on the run from the generals. When all the things start to fail for Voltron and Paladins then Lotor returns to the field. Soon he starts to fight against Haggar’s plans and blasts a big hole to her defense which nulls all her plans. At this point Zarkon is on the run, Haggar failed what she tried to do and Voltron is winning. We see that Lotor tries to talk with the Paladins at the end of the season 4 which might bring them to a new alliance.

But since the season 4 has ended on the good terms but we also know that Zarkon is on the run and he will be back with a blast. Now many of the fans are wondering what will happen in the Voltron season 5 story which is still quite a mystery. But it is being assumed that the reason why Prince Lotor saved Voltron is because he wanted to help the Princess ultimately. So we will see a relation between both the Prince Lotor and Princess Altean. But he has betrayed the Paladins many times in the past and this new event might be one of his tricks as well. So we will have to wait and see how things work out in the season 5 because Zarkon is going to build his army again. So Voltron and the Paladins should be ready to take down and save the galaxy once again from his wrath.

Voltron Season 5 Release Date and Episode List

Voltron Legendary Defender web series by Netflix is made by Studio Mir who has made 39 episodes till season 4 only. It means that from the contract between both the companies the total episodes to be released are 78 out of which 39 are released till now. So we have 39 episodes more to be made from season 5 which means that Voltron season 5 is going to be released for sure. But the question is when the show is going to be released and episode list as well. The Voltron season 1 and 2 had 7 months gap and season 3 and season 4 had 2 months gap between the seasons. So it is hard to predict the release date for the season 5 because we do not know the gap between both season 4 and season 5 till now. But it is sure that the next season is going to be released in less than 7 months of time from season 4 finale. So it means that it might be released in March 2018 which is hardly far from today.


Good news for all the Voltron Legendary Defender cartoon fans is that the season 5 is renewed and confirmed long time back ago. So the only thing left is that to predict the release date for the season 5 is something tricky to guess. But guessing the season 5 is hard at the same time it will be released in the first quarter of 2018. So we are predicting that the Voltron season 5 will be released in March 2018.

Well the show is not far because it might be released in March 2018 which is just two months from today. So let us know your review about this show and what more do you expect to happen or see in the next season.

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