Wish App Review – Download Wish App For Android, IOS OS

Wish App Review: Finding products for cheap and reasonable cost might be hard and at the same time we won’t get reliable products. Wish.com is an online bargain hunting website which has products straight from China and has more than hundreds of different stores. So simply speaking you can choose from millions of products that you can bargain for the cost right away. The brand Wish.com has a motto shopping made easy which surely stands on what they feature on their website.

Wish.com has an algorithm which is based on users experience and shows related products on your past preferences. Now similar to any shopping network we can create our account with our Email address or use social logins. Using your account you can order products once you’ve added them to the cart. Save products to your wish list in order buy them anytime you like. There is an also social sharing option, which allows you to share products on FaceBook and other social media with your friends.

Just shopping on Wish.com from your desktop browser might be lame when you can download Wish app for Android and IOS, Windows OS. You can get their official app and login with your account or social accounts to browse products and buy them simply. So this guide as you already known is the review of Wish.com and its working along with the Wish app download guide.

Wish App Review – Download Wish App For Android, IOS OS

How Does Wish Works – How to Use Wish.com – Shopping Made Easy App

Since we are reviewing this app, I think it would be much better if I explain how does wish work. So this shopping network was made by former Yahoo and Google employees, and made this low cost hunting site.  Once you have registered and logged in to your account you have to continue and answer “find products you love” option. Now during the account registration you have entered age, birth date and more information regarding you. In this way the Wish.com algorithm makes uses different information to provide products you love.

Once you start searching you can sort products by different options like size, color and ratings which help you find reliable and cost effective products. They have an hourly deal option which gives more than extra discount for 2 featured products every hour.

Download Wish App For Android – Wish Shopping Made Easy for IOS, Windows Phone OS

Wish the prominent online shopping network with millions of products available at bargain able cost is available for three prominent mobile OS. I mean to say that Wish app can be downloaded for Android, IOS and Windows Phone OS as well. The procedure to install the Wish shopping app is same as you install any other app for your Smartphone. So, I have shared the download link for each app store for different Operating System.

Wish.com itself has linked download link to IOS, Android, Windows and Amazon devices from here on their official website.

Download Wish App For Android, IOS OS


Wish.com allows you to shop for products directly from China at bargain cost, and find great products you love to buy. I am sure you will enjoy shopping using the Wish app for Android and IOS platform after reading this review.

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