Zorpia App Review For Android – Login & Delete Zorpia Account

Zorpia Review: Social networks like Zorpia have become tremendously popular and it is amongst the few dating sites allowed to serve in China. Well this dating network might be new to you but to be frank it is filled with people around the world and nearby. Are you looking for a serious relationship or just a fling, and then this site is for you. They have also released an Android, IOS app that can be accessed via FaceBook, Gmail and Yahoo services.

There are many things users are concerned about Zorpia app, and I thought it would be fine to write down a detailed guide on how to install this app, and use it as well. Now you can get a chance to find friends among 38 million friends across the network. You can get any number of profile views without any restrictions and upload pictures, chat with friends. If you are in China then it is your lucky day because Zorpia has millions of people who are waiting to be potential friends online and dating comes next.

Zorpia App Review For Android – Login & Delete Zorpia Account

Zorpia App For Android OS Download – Install Zorpia Apk For Android OS 2017

You might own an Android Smartphone, and then you can download the Zorpia App right away from Google Play store and install it. Well if you already know how to install apps from Google Play, then click here to visit the official download page. If not, then you can look into the below steps to install Zorpia app for Android.

  • So first thing we have to do is to open your Android Smartphone
  • Next go to Google Play Store and search for the app “Zorpia”
  • Then select the official app and click on “Install” button to continue
  • Wait for a bit as the app is being installed and might take a minute or two
  • Once installed, we can find Zorpia app under apps menu along with other apps and games!

Zorpia Login With Gmail – Zorpia Login With Facebook

Most of the social networking sites like Zorpia now make use of instant login using FaceBook and Gmail service. I will show you how to login or Sign Up on Zorpia using FaceBook:

Zorpia Login With Gmail – Zorpia Login With Facebook
  • So first you have to visit this Zorpia login page with FaceBook option
  • As you can see click on “Sign in with FaceBook” option and popup will appear
  • Next you have to allow permission and give accesses to your account
  • Then continue by clicking next button and you will be successfully logged in!

Zorpia Unsubscribe – How to Delete Zorpia Account Permanently

So there might be a question in your mind why would someone need to delete their Zorpia account? Well it is fair enough to say that some people like to get rid of their old accounts and they might not want to continue using the same dating network to be simple.

But the fact with Zorpia has been that, this dating network has been accused of spam mailing on behalf of its users which was responded by the company to a very little. Now this might be the perfect reason why some would like to get their Zorpia account deleted and also want to unsubscribe Zorpia mails and offers.

Visit Zorpia account termination page and log with your details, this will terminate your account forever.

Zorpia Unsubscribe – How to Delete Zorpia Account Permanently


So we have finished reviewing Zorpia app, which is a well known and popular dating network in the world right now. You can turn to our guide above to learn how to create your Zorpia account and also learn how to delete it later if needed.

Well all I can wish is use Zorpia network safely; it is because dating networks can be tricky at times. So, I advise you not to share any personal details or information such as credentials or pictures to be on the safe side. Other than this have a great day and weekend learning to use Zorpia chat and more service.

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