5 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android 2017

5 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android: Are you a late bloomer who likes to wake up late every day, then you must be making use of your phone alarm clock to wake up right. But wait, your default Android phone Alarm clock might not work the best to wake you up.

Same issues was happening with me, my default alarm clock app has little beep noise which I could never hear and believe me it never worked well for me. Then I came to think of installing other alarm clock apps for my Android phone. I went through different alarm clocks widgets and apps on Google Play Store and came up with a bunch of nice working ones.

5 Best Alarm Clock Apps For Android 2017

I choose one for myself, but a thought came to my mind that you guys might be facing the same problem as well. Or else some of you might be bored of using the old alarm clock widget from Android OS. And that is why we have created a list of 5 Best Alarm clock apps for Android 2017, this winter.

  • Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer

Top on our list is Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer which is a simple yet glossy looking Alarm clock widget for Android that works like charm to wake anyone. Firstly this app features every basic need of an alarm clock and it also has an option to make your alarm sound go from slow to louder with time. The effective reason to use this alarm clock app is to wake up you in a calm and natural manner. The sound effect from low to louder gives a pretty natural sound and it not something that just goes off louder and shatters your sleep in seconds.

Alarm Clock Xtreme and Timer

There is a feature where you can make yourself to solve math problems to stop the snooze and a large snooze button which you can view even with fading eyes. Currently there are two versions of this app, both the paid and frees ones are pleasant to use.

  • AlarmMon

Experience the number one global alarm clock that has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times and now it’s your turn. This clock app has a different concept, where users have to solve a game to turn off the clock which is pretty insane to me. So, this app will keep on snoozing around until you wake up and solve the game.

To be frank AlarmMon is a unique alarm clock widget for Android with celebrity alarm features where you can experience your favorite celeb waking you up. Or else you can select between 50 kinds of different free alarms that are purely creative and are awesome to listen.

AlarmMon Alarm Clock App

So when you wake up you don’t just get a snooze but this app delivers weather conditions and news headlines.

  • Alarmy

It’s time to introduce the world’s most annoying alarm clock app which is none other than Alarmy, and this app has a tagline “Sleep If U Can”. And I guess the app tagline and features are pretty matching, with the description provided over the web.

Tired of solving math problems and quizzes then it’s time download Alarmy which is guaranteed to get you out of your bed. So when the alarm starts snoozing or ringing you have to go to a registered place and take picture of it. For example we can beforehand set a registered place such as Bathroom, and during the snoozing time you need to wake and take a picture of the bathroom. Or else the clock won’t stop bothering you and you will never be late anytime now.

Alarmy App Review
  • The Rock Clock

It would be lame not to include such a massive and awesome clock by Rock the Dwayne Johnson, The Rock Clock. Rock the pro wrestler and Hollywood start released the Rock Clock in 2016 and it went boom online with so many installs and downloads in no time.

This app features a video sent from Rock’s iPhone to yours and you can set different tasks or reminders at every clock period. There are 25 different custom made alarm tones that are awesome to hear and will wake you in no time. And you know what there no snooze features is and sometimes I found it massively hard to stop, but at the same time it helped me wake up every damn correct time. If you are a fan of rock, then this clock can synch with the rock timings and you get up when rock does.

The RockClock App Review
  • I Can’t Wake Up

The last on our list is I Can’t Wake Up alarm clock app that is made for those guys who find it way harder to wake up during the early morning hours. Now you can simply download the free version of this app and start off to get early every morning.

It features 8 different tasks or activities that need to be performed before you are allowed to stop the snoozing button. The main reason behind the app is very simple which is to bring you to a stage where you would wake up from the late night dreams and don’t want to go asleep.

I Can’t Wake Up App Review

How To Use Alarm Clocks Apps?

Once you have selected any of the Alarm clock apps and installed it over your Android device then you are ready to go. Using a alarm clock widget for Android shouldn’t be hard, as it is similar to any default alarm clock app on the Android platform. All you have to do is to select the Alarm timings and type of sound, then simply place the alarm on and go to sleep.


At the end of the day, every app I’ve mentioned above can work as a decent alarm clock app for your Android device. But it is up to you to decide which one to go with depending on the app features and its UI deign as well.

We will love to hear your feedback about our list of top alarm clocks apps for Android OS 2017. Share this article with your friends and family online, so that they would get to know these amazing apps too.

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