Download RevealMenu For iOS 10.0.1 9.4 iPhone/iPad Jailbreak

RevealMenu For IOS: If you are using older iPhone devices other than iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, then you might be interested in RevealMenu very much. This tweak is an awesome one and helps older iPhone device users to bring the flagship 3D Touch feature from iPhone 6 and 7 devices. I am sure that you will find this article to be pretty useful and you will learn how to use RevealMenu as well.

There are few more 3D Touch cydia tweaks in the market but the best part about this app is really great to know. RevealMenu allows users to long press on an icon which will open the 3D touch menu similar to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Using this simple long press gesture you can initiate menu directly to uninstall, move and do more things. No other 3D Touch tweak for IOS has ever had this feature and till now only RevealMenu has been the one to bring it out.

In little words, RevealMenu is a Cydia Tweak which helps older iPhone users like iPhone 5S and below to use 3D Touch feature. 3D Touch has been a massive feature added to the next generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 devices. With the help of 3D Touch users can do more, simply by pressing on touch icon they can navigate easily.

Download RevealMenu For iOS 10.0.1 9.4 iPhone/iPad Jailbreak

So in this guide we will review and learning how to make use of RevealMenu Cydia tweak for IOS platform easily. Next we will also find out the steps to download RevealMenu For IOS 10.0.1 10.2 10.2.1 as well. In case you are wondering then RevealMenu 3D Touch is only for iPhone devices but not for iPad or any other.

RevealMenu Features

Well it seems pretty good 3d touch tweak, but before we download it let us learn some more features and how we can utilize them.

  • The new version supports IOS 9.3 and above which include, IOS 9.4 10 as well
  • It supports different apps like Phone, iMessage and Facetime too
  • It has disabled switcher option
  • And most importantly it is free to download
  • It is available for free with BigBoss Cydia repo

RevealMenu VS Forcy 3D Touch

If you ask me the difference between these two 3D touch tweaks for IOS platform, then I would RevealMenu VS Forcy is a hard question to answer. They are both amazing 3D Touch tweaks for IOS platform, where as RevealMenu is just for old iPhone devices. Forcy can be used for iPad and iPhone devices, without jailbreak which is a good thing. But in case if you have already got your iPhone jailbreak, then going with RevealMenu is the best option out there.

Download RevealMenu For IOS 10.0.1 10.2 9.4 Jailbreak – RevealMenu For iPhone/iPad Download

RevealMenu has been a wonderful 3D touch tweak for IOS platform and the main feature with a simple gesture to unlock 3d Touch menu is really good. Now if you are wondering how to download this tweak, then simple follow the below instructions and you can do it yourself.

Download RevealMenu For iOS
  • Same as ever, we first have to open iPhone device
  • After that open this link using the safari browser directly
  • And then click on “Download” button and save the RevealMenu.deb file on IOS device
  • Next open the app and run it, installation will now begin on your iPhone
  • In a quick time of 1 minute we will have RevealMenu successfully downloaded!


Now you can experience the 3D Touch feature on your old iPhone 5S and iPhone 4 devices by using RevealMenu tweak directly. All you have to do is just follow the above instructions and simply install RevealMenu For IOS 10 10.2 9.4 Jailbreak.

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