How To Fix Error Code 43 On Windows 10/8/7

Fix Error Code 43 in Windows: code 43 error is an error caused in Windows while using the device manager. This issue will stop you working and will even block the display adapters. If this is been neglected, the laptop screen or PC Windows screen will not start fast. This code 43 error will affect the driver and particular stop functioning the device. In this error mostly the drivers fails and user need to update or install the particular affected driver this article we will discuss the possible ways of fixing the code 43 error in Windows issue. The error as “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problem (code 43)” will be displayed in Device manager when you open the My Computer Properties.

Since Windows OS is used by millions of desktop computers across the globe, we have to update our OS regularly. But we might face an error or two while using the Windows OS, so it is common to come across errors such as Windows Error Code 43.

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How To Fix Windows has stopped this device code 43 issueHow To Fix Windows has stopped this device code 43 issue

The easy way to fix this error code 43 is to update the driver of Windows. Getting the driver updated is easy but you need to find correct driver of your particular windows version. If you feel difficulty in updating the driver, read the below given tutorial. In this tutorial we have the easy way of updating the driver and also ways to fix the code 43 error in your Windows OS.

How to Fix the code 43 error in Windows Device Manager:

let us now start discussing about how to fix this error code 43 in Device Manager. Just follow the simple steps and get this code 43 error fixed by applying the below given steps. This method can be applied on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

How To Fix Windows has stopped this device code 43 issue
  • Firstly open the Device Manager and check where you have an Yellow Triangle mark
  • On that particular mark , right click on problem device and click on Uninstall
  • Now an pop up box will appear on screen asking for confirmation to Uninstall
  • Tap on OK button and now Device Manager will uninstall that device
  • After successful uninstalling the driver, click on the scan for hard changes from the top menu
  • Now the Device manager will scan your computer and find the uninstalled device
  • It will automatically install the latest version of affected device
  • Or Else you can again go to the particular uninstall device and right click on it
  • Select the scan for updates and wait until the device is getting installed

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That’s it! After completing this steps the error code 43 in Windows Device manager will be resolved. This error must be solved at its first apperence or else you will experience any hardware issues later. As now the issue of Device manager code 43 error is fixed and you can now easily work in your PC or laptop.

If you receive the same error even after applying the above said method, let us know the issues in comment section so that we will get you with best possible result. Also if their are nay queries in the following tutorial post them in same comment section. Also thank you for reading the full article and getting the error code 43 in Windows solved in your Windows OS.

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