Use Miracast iPhone LG TV To Stream Movies

Miracast For iPhone: You might have heard and used AirPlay by Apple, but today we are discussing about a similar app namely Miracast. So, both the app does the same job of connecting two devices which can be a phone, TV, Computer or any other to share movies, media, Music and more.

The only difference we find is that Miracast is not by Apple and this app makes use of Wi-Fi direct access which AirPlay doesn’t. This app is really a good one when it comes to stream movies and music from your iPhone to TV such as LG TV. I guess many of you own modern TV, so I guess you might find it useful to learn how to connect Miracast iPhone to LG TV. And this guide may be using LG TV, but in fact you can use any other TV other than this as the whole process remains the same. Instead of LG TV you can even use Sony Bravia or any other as well.

Why to use Miracast to Stream on TV?

You might not always want to browse YouTube on your TV screen to watch movies or any shows you’ve missed. Sometimes you might end up having a likeable movie on your iPhone. So that it can now be streamed to your TV using Miracast.

Use Miracast iPhone LG TV To Stream Movies

How to Download Miracast For iPhone – Miracast iPad App Download

So before I take you into the vital guide about how to stream movies from iPhone or iPad to LG TV, we will learn how to download it first. Basically we are going to install and download Miracast app for iPhone and iPad in the below steps.

Note: I am finding it awful to say that Miracast app is not available for IOS platform, so we are going to make use of AirPlay now.

As you all know AirPlay is already available on iPhone, so we just have to learn how to stream videos or music to TV.

  • So first step is to download AirServer on your TV
  • Now open your iphone and click AirPlay option
  • When you click the AirPlay button, we can find a list of TV under dropdown
  • Next you can select your TV from that and connect to it via AirServer from the same Wi-Fi
  • After that AirPlay will ask you for a password and then you will be allowed to select media to stream

Finally you can either select a movie or video from your iPhone or stream it on your LG TV without any problem. Don’t you think this guide is kind of complex, but following the steps one by one will ease down the process for you.

Well thanks for taking your precious time to read our guide which will surely help you to stream movies from Miracast iPhone to LG TV or any other TV as well.

Sometimes you might stumble across any problem while following this guide, then please let us know the issue in comments below. And we will answer your query in a bit of time with a appropriate solution such that using Miracast for iPhone becomes easy.

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