How to Check LIC Policy Status Online – LIC Policy Status Check

LIC Policy Status: LIC Stands for Life Insurance Policy and in India, we have a LIC policy which offers you a different variety of services which every customer can access and can choose from to invest in for their future. As the world has developed, now LIC has become more accessible to all the LIC policy holders as the payments and transaction methods have become online, which means you can pay for your policy online and check the LIC Policy status from online as well.

If you have bought a policy for LIC then it is really a good decision and investment but you need to make sure that you always check your policy status from period to period so that you know that everything is going smoothly. So once you have a LIC under your name or someone in your family then it is very advisable that you have to check the status of your over time because as invest your money and time into the policy, it is always reassuring for anyone to get a hold that their investment is safe and are in good hands.

How to Check LIC Policy Status Online – LIC Policy Status Check

One of the reasons to check for the policy online is that you will be notified about the premiums that you have to pay in the next month so that you can ensure and be careful when the payment date comes. Previously, as you all know in order to check LIC Policy status, the policy holder has to either contact the LIC branch, the manger or else the agent but now everything has been changed and made online.

How to Check LIC Policy Status Online  – LIC Policy Status Check Online 

In the below steps we have shown the exact steps you will have to follow in order to do LIC Policy Check yourself.. If you have your LIC Policy account details such as the username ID and the password, then you can follow the below instructions to directly check the policy status.

  • First open LIC India official website from here or else you can go to their website by copying this URL into the address bar of the browser
  • After that go to the “Customer Portal” option and then click on “Registered User”
  • Next you you will be redirected to LIC Indian policy status login page where you have to enter the below details
    1. User ID/Email/Mobile – In the first box you can either enter your User ID which will be a unique ID provided to you, or else either enter your Email address or Mobile Number which is registered to the policy
    2. Password: Simply enter the password here
    3. Date of Birth: Enter your date of birth here and then click on the Sign In button which will give you access to the LIC homepage.
How to Check LIC Policy Status Online – LIC Policy Status Check
  • You will be redirected to a new page as shown in the image below and you have to click on “Individual Policy Detail” button to continue to the next page
  • Then click on “Basic Services” option and then click on “Policy Status” option from the left sidebar
  • In Policy Status page you can see all the LIC Policies that you have and you can check their status one by one from here
How to Check LIC Policy Status Online – LIC Policy Status Check

And in this way you can check the status of LIC Policy from and at the same time on the right side of the policy, you can see “Premium Due From” which will give you a date that is your premium payment date for the respective policy.

What is LIC Policy of India – Benefits and Features of LIC Policy in India

The Life Insurance Corporation of India has hundreds of different policies that any customer can take in order to invest their money under their name or their family or anyone else they want to have the LIC policy for. LIC policies are important because the money you invest in the premiums can be used later for different purposes in life for the customer.

Below are some of the Life Insurance plans from the LIC India and these are the plans that have been widely used by others as well.

Personal LIC Life Insurance Policy

  • LIC for 5 Years Policy
  • LIC Jeevan Labh Plan
  • LIC for Child Plans
  • LIC for Pension Plans
  • LIC for Ulip Plans
  • LIC for Plans to Invest
  • LIC Money Back Plan
  • LIC for Jeevan Sathi Plan

Once you have selected a plan and created your account on the Life Insurance corporation official website then you will find all the below said features from their website to understand more about the plan you have selected.

  • View LIC Policy Payment receipts
  • Premium Calendar
  • Policy Schedule
  • Policy Status
  • Add New Policies
  • Claim Status
  • Loan Status
  • Policy Premium Paid Statement
  • Revival Quotation
  • Individual Pension Policy

How to Check LIC Policy Status Online Without Registration – Check LIC Policy Status via SMS

LIC India has understood that the Online policy status check can be complicated and sometimes it is important to check the policy via the normal ways which is more easier for elderly people as well. And that is why they have also introduced the status checking method via the SMS using the SMS enquiry numbers and the respective SMS codes to be sent along with it.

If you simply want to check LIC policy status via SMS then you have to type ASKLIC followed by the SMS code given in the below table and then send the SMS to 56767877 or 9222492224. Make sure that you send the SMS from your registered mobile number only.

Below are the SMS codes that you have to use along with ASKLIC in the text while sending the SMS.

S.NO Type of LIC Enquiry SMS Code
1 To check Installment Premium ASKLIC PREMIUM
2 To check Revival Amount ASKLIC REVIVAL
3 To Know Bonus Additions ASKLIC BONUS
4 To Know the amount of loan available ASKLIC LOAN
5 To know nominations details ASKLIC NOM


How to Check LIC Policy Status from Customer Care Support at LIC India

LIC India is a large organization with more than millions of LIC customers all across India and in order to ensure better service for everything they have set up customer care support through which cnay LIC customer can call and get their queries or questions resolved which can also be related to the policy status.

  • BSNL users have a seperate customer care number from the LIC India in order for the LIC customers to check their policy status directly. They can call at 12151 directly.
  • For all other mobile numbers and landline numbers, the customers can call city code followed by 12151 and they will get to talk to the customer care support to get their policy status updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I check LIC Policy Status Online without a policy number?

Yes, whenever you send an SMS to LIC India’s Policy status enquiry numbers you do not have to enter your policy number because you will be sending the SMS from your LIC Indian registered mobile number and you will directly receive the status for the policy.

  • How to check LIC Policy Status Online without Registration?

You can easily check the LIC policy status online even without registration by using the SMS enquiry number and by sending the SMS code to the number directly, which will give you the status for your policy.

  • LIC Policy Status Check by SMS or Missed call?

LIC now has made the online payment one of their mandatory methods, so that no one has to travel or pay offline. At the same time, anyone can check their LIC policy status or next premium payment due dates and amount from the mobile directly via SMS or their online service via browser or app. But there is no way someone can hear their policy via a missed call.

  • Can we check LIC Policy Status Details without login?

Yes, you can the LIC Policy status without having login details for the LIC Indian website using the SMS enquiry number. You have to send the type of enquiry to the respective mobile number with the given SMS code to receive the status.

  • Why to check LIC Policy Status?

It is important to check your Policy status to make sure that you are not due on any Policy premium payments and can check the next premium due on the same policy status page as well.

  • Do I need to complete the LIC Policy Login to check the status?

Yes, if you do not login to the LIC India official website then you will not be able to check your policy status as we have described in the above guide precisely.

  • I cannot log into my LIC Policy account to check the status

If you are not able to log into the account then you can directly email the customer support team of LIC Indian at [email protected] from your registered email address explaining them your issue and they will revert back with a solution.

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