One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date Info

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date: One Punch Man is an awesome anime and there is no doubt about that this show will be returning for the third season but still fans are quite awaiting the response from the Anime studios for their response on the anime release date. But if you are a die hard fan of One Punch Man manga and anime as I am then you do not have to worry that much because we all know that this show will surely return. But we also know that after the release of the season 1, the next season was released after 4 years break which is one massive break for such an growing anime with trending all across the world.

One Punch Man is created and made from the manga of the same name and it is created by the world’s infamous ONE and Yusuke Murata who love making Saitama the best fighter in the world. There is not many anime that receive appreciation not just in Japan but across the world as well because these shows are not telecasted in other continents. But still even through online streaming of One Punch Man, it has become one of the best anime show in the world and the last season just made it clear that this anime can break records in sales for merchandise and everything.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date Info
One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date Info

One Punch Man Season 1 Recap

The season 1 of One Punch Man was the debut season for Saitama in the world of Hero and Villains where he starts off working every day with his routine physical regime when he faces off a crab monster while going for an interview. Though he successfully kills the monster and saves a little boy, he makes a goal to reach the ultimate fitness and strength level to beat any monster and help humans at all costs. To be frank if you have seen Saitama’s regime then you would be shocked too but turns out he can now defat any villain with just one punch which is the deal for this anime. Later in the same season, we are introduced with different characters from the hero association and the main one is Genos who after being saved by Saitama becomes a pupil against his wish which is quite funny to watch in the second episode of the first season.

In this way with series of events going on Saitama joins the hero association with intent of becoming famous as a hero and saves the world couple of times from aliens, meteor and sea monsters as well. The season 1 as I always say is the finest storyline any anime could get and the character development has been massive as well.

One Punch Man Season 2 Recap

The One Punch Man season 2 was released in 2019 with 12 episodes in its name and fans like me really enjoyed the show because this time we could see more character development for Saitama and his will for becoming stronger. In this season we are introduced with one of the antiheros Garou who was a student of Bang but he soon turns into a hero hunter trying to defeat all the heroes. King who was consider as the strongest hero make ally with Saitama and the secret between the two is revealed which is nothing more than King become a coward and nerd while accidentally taking credits for all Saitama’s wins in the last season.

Fans were expecting Saitama vs Garou fight to happen but this did not happen which was a little bummer. But what happened was Saitama takes part in the Martial Arts competition where he faces of Suiryu who is defeated by Saitama and then is saved by him from a monster. The season 2 of One Punch Man ends with Garou being taken away by monsters from Monster Association and Saitama killing the Elder Centipede.

And guess what this means there is a lot of storyline left from the Manga to be made into an anime for season 3 and we have not even seen a fight between Saitama vs Garou which will surely happen in the One Punch Man Season 3 that is what I am waiting about and you should too.

One Punch Man Season 3 Release Date

The One Punch Man Manga is still on going and there are more than enough volumes left that can be used to make the third season for the anime. The One Punch Man season 1 used 1 to 7 Volumes from the Manga. While the second season used 8 to 16 volumes from the Manga and the third season is going to be based of adaptation from Manga from volume 17 onwards.

The Manga has completed 21 volumes till now from its original start in June 14, 2012 and when we look at the past two seasons for OPM, the Anime television series only used 7 volumes for the season one and 8 volumes for the second season. It leaves 5 more volumes left for the creation of the third season which is enough but not great for making a massive hit similar to the One Punch Man Season 1 and 2.

And that is why the Creator of the Manga, ONE and illustrator Yusuke Murata are working on creating and releasing 4 more volumes in the first half of the next year. Once these 4 volumes for Manga are released and the Manga reaches the volume 25, then the Anime studio Madhouse and J.C.Staff will decide who will be making the third season ultimately.

Will There Be One Punch Man Season 3?

Yes, surely there is going to be third season for One Punch Man but not right now and it will after second half of the year 2020 only. We have already discussed that there are not many volumes left to make an ideal season of One Punch Man and we need to wait till the Manga reaches 25 volumes. After that the studio will start working on the third season of the anime and we should have an announcement somewhere around the end of the year 2020.

If there are fans who are worried that One Punch Man season 3 might not happen, then don’t worry because this show has received great reviews and critics have been absolute amazed at the season 2 and 1 as always. In terms of money, the One Punch Man series is one of the most earner for ONE because it makes great sales in terms of Manga volume sales on Amazon and offline as well.

At the same time when we talk about the One Punch Man season 1 and season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray sales, these are raking the reviews on all international selling sites. Finally, the merchandise is lit as always because the sales number are all time high for any anime and One Punch Man is full of profit which clearly means there is going to the third season for sure but its going to take time.

One Punch Man Season 3 Episode List – How to Watch One Punch Man Season 3 Online?

One Punch Man has always followed the trend of releasing 12 episodes and the same is going to happen with the third season. But when we talk about the OVA episodes for One Punch Man, these will be 6 in number for the third season which will be released after 2 or 3 months of original release of the third season.

We are going to update you guys as soon as possible on the One Punch Man season 3 episode list and also where you can watch the third season when it is released.

Thank you, guys, for reading this article about the One Punch Man season 3 release date which has not been announced yet but the show ill be returning soon in year 2020 with all the good popularity and raving reviews it has been getting over the time.

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