AliExpress Brands Finder Chrome Extension Review

AliExpress Brands: We all know that AliExpress is one of the world’s largest marketplaces to buy and sell goods. There are millions of products on their website and tons of different brands from which we can choose to buy. But here comes the main problem that it gets hard to find quality products and original brands other than the replica of them. Well we can find many more brands like Nike, Moncler, Louis Vuitton, Gucci Bags but it takes a little time for new users to begin with.

In this very guide we are going to list out the different popular brands and replica of brands that we can find out on AliExpress anytime we like. One more thing is we are also going to differentiate original products from duplicate ones as we tend to forget and buy duplicate ones at times.

Finding branded products from AliExpress might seem easy but without the help of tools we are enlisting below it would be hard. The web browser plugin we are talking about are quite easy to download and install as well.

This has been a problem with online market places like AliExpress, but sometime back they have introduced Anti Piracy law which prohibits sellers from selling original products. So, most of the sellers use keywords like “Popular Michael Kors” instead of Michael Kors for duplicate products. In this way we can simply neglect the duplicate product which is titled with different unnatural terms and keywords.

AliExpress Brands Finder Chrome Extension Review

One of my friends was asking me how to find Michael Kors on AliExpress website or app and it took me a while to understand how. But not just one single brand like this but others like Gucci bags, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade and many more under clothing, jewelry and more accessories.

Best AliExpress Brands Finder

So I thought listing out the brand names and their webpage would consume a lot of time indeed. And at the same time users find it hard to search and choose between their favorite brands through the lists.  But then I came to know of a Google Chrome extension, AliExpress Brand which helps users to find their popular brands with just one click.

In this guide I will show you how to download and install AliExpress Brand Chrome plugin and then teach you how to use the plugin properly.

Best AliExpress Brands Finder
  • Open your Google Chrome web browser and then go to extensions
  • And after that search for “Aliexpress brands” extension and then click enter
  • Next click on install button and wait for the extension to be installed
  • Once the extension is installed, we can find its icon on tools section

How to use AliExpress Brands Finder

Once you have installed the extension for Google chrome browser, we can easily search for new brands and more using search bar. You have to go to AliExpress official website and then click on extension icon from the tools section.

Now a down menu will appear, enter the brand name in the first box and click on enter button. After that all related products and titles on the AliExpress website will appear on the results page.


Now after installing AliExpress brands extension for chrome, you will be able to find popular brands in no time with just few clicks. So go on to AliExpress official website and start searching for brands you like using this extension.

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