Berserk Season 4 Release Date 2018

Berserk Season 4 Release Date: So this anime is fantasy based action series where the main character goes by the name Guts and he is destined to be followed by death and demons. Well this anime has been running for a long time and this series is just a better version of it with amazing animation and storyline as well. When it comes to the anime Berserk storyline then it all seems pretty natural because the main character is a powerful being that is being hunted for the sins and crimes he has committed. But this anime is not about how long does he survive but what he actually yields through his journey and the people he meets as well.

I have been watching this anime for a long time since it has been released for the season 1 during 2016. The first season was exceptionally well because the story started with him being chased by death but soon he finds that he has new friends and allies that he can rely as always on. But things won’t be the same because demons and death await not only him but bring bad luck to his friends, family and allies as well. In his quest to save his life and find vengeance can berserk be truly a hero or a demon himself.

Berserk Season 4 Release Date 2018

Berserk Season 4 Release Date 2018 – Berserk Season 3 Release Date Announced?

This anime has been released for two seasons right now and the first season was released in 2016 from July 1 to September 16 for 12 episodes. At the same time the second season was released in 2017 from April 7 to June 23. The second season was also released for 12 episodes which was fun because this time the story was broad and narrative as well. So many anime fans who have been watching and reading Berserk Manga can relate to the second season exceptionally well.

So there has been a misunderstanding that many fans think that the Berserk season 4 is the next season to be released. But in reality the season 3 of this anime has not been released as well which makes the season 4 not to be released soon. In simple terms it means that this anime will not be released for fourth season for few years because it seems season 3 announcements has been planned for 2018 already.

Berserk Season 3 Episodes Online And Episode Count

If the season 3 is going to be released then I am pretty sure that it will also have 12 episodes only because the last two seasons had the same. At the same time the content and Manga source material is not a problem for creating more episodes but more episodes might make the anime uncertain and create fan delusions for such a long anime. So it is best the anime stick with 12 episodes concept which has been proven great for the last two seasons and it will work like charm for upcoming seasons as well.

At the end of the day what matters is that the anime is released and to be precise it will be released online as well. Most of the online streaming sites like Crunchyroll and more will stream the episodes once they are released on Japan TV after their official air date is finished.


Since we already know that the fourth season of Berserk is not going to be released unless the third season has been announced and released as well. So the Berserk season 3 release date is expected to be around the end of 2018, during December month. The show will return with the lead main character Guts who takes on new challenges every day to thrash death and demons on his journey.

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