Best 4K Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X 2018

Best 4K Monitor For Xbox One X: The Xbox One X is the latest addition to the Xbox console family and it offers you 4K HDR display which is really great. As a fan of gaming I find it really interesting because we can now play games at 4K resolution with the help of Xbox One X. So we simply have to attach a 4K monitor to the console and we are ready to play on the best resolution available. Well this guide is going to about the best 4K monitors for Xbox One X which many fans have been waiting for.

So Xbox One became the rival to all famous PlayStation 4 which took the market by surprise and fans really loved this new console by Microsoft. Later Xbox One S was released which was better than the previous model and offered 4K display as well. But to make the console even better Microsoft released another version of the mode by the name Xbox One X on January 15, 2018. It hasn’t been long since the new console was released with 4K HDR feature that is for pure gamers indeed.

Best 4K Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X 2018

Why To Use 4K Gaming Monitor For Xbox One X Console?

Well this might be the question that might really be puzzling around you guys and its right to ask such a question. Most of you might have computer screens that can support HDMI to play console to it but do you really think gaming on computer monitors is any good. To be frank the console we are talking about is capable of giving 4K HDR display output to the screen attached and if we use a computer screen then the game resolution would be bad. In order to play high end games like Grand Theft Auto V, PayDay, Just Cause 3 and many more we need to use 4K gaming monitors. I am not saying that you cannot play games without a 4K monitor on Xbox One X but the gaming experience will not be so good.

But if you use a 4K gaming monitor then Xbox One X can show is true features which is to give 4K display as output. Imagine playing GTA V on 4K monitor with 60fps and the gaming world would look so real that you would love to play it for hours long. So if you are looking to experience such amazing gaming resolution then you need to switch to a 4K monitor today. Any 4K monitor with a HDMI 2.0 slot can be used to play games on Xbox One X.

  1. 1.LG 43UD79-B – Best USB Type C Monitor For Xbox One X and PC

So do you like to game on big screens then LG 43UD79-B is made just for you because it offers 4K Ultra HD with 43 inch screen size. I really liked this monitor because it can be used for multiple purposes but not just for gaming indeed which makes it pretty useful. It has HDCP 2.2 so we can connect our Xbox One X HDMI cables to this monitor easily.

If you feel like connecting it to your PC then just play and play the PC cables to turn the screen into Windows monitor in no time. On the other hand this monitor has Type C connectivity with 4 HDMI input ports that are more than enough for Xbox One X, PC and we can attach two more consoles as well. It does not have FreeSync but with a aspect ratio of 16:9 we can play games from a long distance from the screen as well.

  1. ASUS MG28UQ – Best 4K Gaming Monitor with Freesync For Xbox One X – PC

So the second gaming monitor we are talking about is ASUS MG28UQ which is one of the best because it has high end screen technology. You can play 4K games on this monitor at high specs and it will run like cheese all the time. This screen has Freesync and TN Panel which helps to provide better gaming experience by reducing lag, connectivity issues and all. So this monitor is 28 inches with 4K UHD display and 3840*2160 screen resolution.

I have seen many famous YouTube gamers and E-Sports level players using the same screen since it is great to use. It gives you the best 4K resolution output without any lag and the screen performance remains high all the time. It is made with the vision to provide both better performance and ease for the gamer with ergonomic design. So if you are looking for a monitor with high response time then this is for you because it has 1ms rapid response time.

  1. LG 27UD68P – Best 4K Monitor For Xbox One X

So LG 27UD68P-B is a great 4K monitor which is both affordable and can do more than just pure gaming as well. This monitor has vibrant color displays with IPS display screen that will offer good on screen display that will help you focus on the game all the time. It is a 27 inch monitor that offers you pure 4K gaming experience without tearing or lagging at any point.

LG 27UD68P-B specs are really good to look at since it features Ultra HD at 3840*2160 IPS display. This device has great color depth that will give you detailed game features and has color calibration as well. The pivot stand can be adjusted for a better height and this screen also offer dynamic action sync mode for better performance for action games.

  1. ViewSonic XG2700-4K

ViewSonic XG2700-4K is featured with FreeSync AMD technology along with 10 bits IPS display that gives better screen performance. So this screen has low input lag which in turn gives better gaming experience. At the same time it has black stabilization which makes the images and graphics on the screen look clear and visible.

It has 5 milliseconds response time which gives better performance even while playing high end games on the Xbox One X console. Some users might think that this monitor is high priced but for the features it offers I feel that the price is justified. It gives you full Ultra HD 4K display along with FreeSync AMD that can turn your gaming world and take it to a new level.

  1. BenQ PD3200U

We have the BenQ PD3200U which is a 32 inch screen that gives you 4K resolution display that is made for gamers and designers. So if you like to play games all day long on your console then this screen is great because of high response time of 11ms. At the same time the screen has multiple purpose option where we can use it for PC to use software like CAD and more.

I would prefer to use this monitor if the above options from the list were not on sale because this is not a typical gamer monitor but it works well. It gives you a clear image on the screen with bright and vibrant colors along with low input lag from the screen.


Thank you for reading this article about the best 4K monitors for Xbox One X for pure gamers. Well I always suggest and advise gamers to use 4K gaming monitors to play on consoles because we can experience the real features and HDR settings only then. So you can have a better performing console when the display monitor is capable of performing 4K as well. I know there are a variety of monitors in 4K but if you want to experience better gaming then go with our list.

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